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Although these 10 categories do not cover everything, they are a good start. The adage still applies: When in doubt, disclose
Feb 7
Despite the daily onslaught of market disruptors seeking to remove Realtors from the equation, there will always be a need for the personal touch in walking clients through the sale or purchase of their most important asset
Feb 1
Quick to accentuate the positive and selectively leave out the negative, recruiters hustling to keep the agent pipeline full have been known to omit some of the finer details
Jan 25
The agents who manage to get ahead of the trends and position themselves in the new reality will be the ones still standing when the new order emerges
Jan 17
Everyone makes the occasional mistake, but rookies often make more than their fair share. Here are the biggest failures to watch out for and avoid
Dec 30
Consideration, honesty and a dose of reality all made it into this year’s top agent wants
Dec 21
Here's how to differentiate and showcase your value from the get-go at the listing appointment
Dec 14
With only one chance to make a good impression on buyers, obnoxious odors must be identified and dealt with before opening the doors to visitors. Here are a few to consider
Dec 7