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Owning a real estate franchise can be extremely lucrative — for the right person. It’s not enough to have real estate experience or cash on hand. It takes a certain kind of personality to successfully open and grow a real estate franchise. Managing broker Doug Wolfe shares his experience in this Q&A.

Jul 26

First-time homebuyers look to agents to fill in knowledge gaps. Although you’ll likely be sending buyers to a lender, it’s good to understand and be able to explain the terms. Especially if they tell you a number or hand you a credit report and think they’re set. Chances are, most don’t know that consumer credit scores are not a measure of true homebuying power.

Jun 22

The online review has become the “trust factor” for business. A recent BrightLocal survey showed that 92 percent of consumers regularly or occasionally read online reviews; 80 percent trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Apr 18

You’ve been to those boring meetings where the manager drones on with sales goals data and flip-chart scribbling. Maybe you’ve led a few yourself. How much of it was memorable? How much of it was motivating? How many people actually showed up (or even wanted to)? Believe it or not, there are ways to have meetings that foster engagement.

Mar 10