Craig's Stories

It's quick to learn, affordable and intelligent
Jun 10
A movement is afoot that could revolutionize real estate data
Jun 9
Give this multi-use tool your attention
Jun 8
A clean interface and easy-to-understand process makes this design tool a winner
Jun 5
Platform was built to make business easier through collaboration
Jun 4
Slick interfaces mean little when the content behind them is flawed
Jun 3
Property-specific Web domains take away from parent site SEO -- but if you choose to pursue that strategy, this tool works well
Jun 2

Here we go, another 30 days of real estate technology. I’ve seen some really cool stuff in the last few weeks, and also a couple of real dogs. I look at functionality, practicality and applicability, and attempt to translate the facets of those characteristics into a summary of benefits for readers.

Jun 1