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It’s valuable to offer a Web page that features everything a potential buyer should know about a listing. However, if a property is registered under its own domain — that is, “” — it does little for the online popularity of its parent website. In fact, it detracts from it.

Jun 2

Here we go, another 30 days of real estate technology. I’ve seen some really cool stuff in the last few weeks, and also a couple of real dogs. I look at functionality, practicality and applicability, and attempt to translate the facets of those characteristics into a summary of benefits for readers.

Jun 1

I think we’ve reached the point at which software developers can stop trying to sell agents on the benefits of mobile applications. More specifically, marketing teams can cease use of terms like “agents on the go” and “always connected.”

May 29

It’s official: The industrywide property portal debate has devolved into a full-fledged circus of back-biting executives and partisan practitioners baying and barking back and forth on whatever stage has the suitable bandwidth. From article comment threads to industry conference panels, everyone has a take on what lies ahead for listing properties on the Internet.

May 27

The two questions I get most often are: Can you recommend a CRM? Can you recommend an email marketing tool? I credit this to these tools being the most often used, and the most often neglected. Eventually, users blame the software, not, well … apathy.

May 26

Managing social media can be a plate-spinning-on-roller skates experience. Either you have expertise in that particular act of the marketing circus, or the people are laughing at you, not with you. Just hitting the “share” button a couple of times a day is probably not enough for you to earn an actually interested, devoted fanbase.

May 22

Wall Street analysts having been fretting a bit lately about GoPro’s stock price. The concern isn’t about the action camera’s quality, company management or some esoteric economic situation in a country that manufactures a chip of some kind. Wall Street is worried about GoPro because getting footage from the camera to computer screens apparently isn’t as easy as filming a double backflip gap huck on a snowboard.

May 21

It doesn’t cost much to build a decent website. “Decent” being the operative word. The problem with many low-cost website solutions is that they fool you into thinking having a website doesn’t cost much.

May 20