Darryl's Stories

With record-high numbers of Realtors and shifting trends in home inventory, agents need to be prepared to stay top-of-mind in the days ahead
Feb 22
It’s time to shake things up and do things a little differently. Lean into these best practices and smart strategies for a successful year
Feb 21
Authentic conversations with family and friends help new agents establish their sphere of influence and launch their real estate business
Feb 16
The key to great partnerships is communication, and great communication can often start by asking great questions
Feb 15
Keep up your enthusiasm because that will be important when you later have those “remember why you started” moments
Feb 13
Darryl Davis culls the best from three powerful agent brainstorming sessions to help you reach your target audience
Feb 7
Understand and believe in what you bring to the equation, and you'll be able to speak from your heart and not your head to earn both the trust and business of your sellers
Feb 5
The opportunities are out there and waiting for you. Let these 7 powerful insights for increased revenue and reduced expenses make this year one of your most profitable ever
Feb 2