Jim's Stories

A new partnership between startup Zego and real estate investment company S2 Capital brings smart gadgets to 30,000 units in Florida and Texas
Nov 12
One broker expects the affected area to see a 'stopping period,' or a quiet period in home sales after the fire
Nov 10
The Seattle-based national techie brokerage reported $140.3M in revenue, up from the $139.01M analysts expected
Nov 8
Northwest Multiple Listing Service will break accessibility features down into 12 categories for disabled homebuyers
Nov 8
Revenue from digital real estate services grew 8% year-over-year, according to quarterly earnings call Wednesday
Nov 7
Homeowners who should have received assistance from the scandal-plagued bank instead lost their homes
Nov 7
The U.K.-based company reported that both listings and revenue are growing in the US
Nov 7
Daniel Harnsberger wrestles as the "Progressive Liberal." He's also a RE/MAX agent in Richmond, Virginia
Nov 6