Jim's Stories

New research indicates 25% of all households with broadband internet plan to buy smart video doorbells this year
Jan 4
The new venture 'Go iBuyer' is focused on buying up properties, raising the rents and then reselling them
Jan 3
'In most cases real estate is something you can purchase now and in a few years make a lot of money on'
Jan 3
Realtors are using Amazon Alexa devices to broadcast podcast-like audio content, and many believe the short sound clips are the beginning of a huge trend
Jan 2
Charlie Young tells Inman about the tech trends he thinks will reshape real estate in the coming year and beyond
Dec 31
It was a tough year for startups that specialized in crowdfunding, website design and other services
Dec 28
The U.S. Census Bureau, the Bureau of Economic Analysis and other agencies have all stopped posting their usual statistics and analyses
Dec 27
The stock market has been battered in recent weeks, but experts say most homebuyers are looking at longer term conditions when choosing a property
Dec 27