Jimmy's Stories

The more value you add to people on social media, the more connections and influence you will develop
Oct 7
If you’re too comfortable in these five areas, it might be a warning sign that your business is in decline
Sep 30
Choose today to make the sacrifices that will lead to a tomorrow full of satisfaction and opportunity. Your future self will thank you for it
Sep 23
Keep the leads pouring in and your business thriving with multiple streams of lead generation
Sep 16
You build momentum one satisfied client at a time. Get back to basics by following this advice from a seasoned veteran
Sep 8
If you want to be the best of the best, then you'll have to do more than the rest
Sep 4
No matter what kind of market environment you're experiencing, there are opportunities for growth and decline. It's the skills you build that determine what will happen to your business
Aug 25
We all develop bad habits and blind spots over time. Here's how to identify them before they take a lasting toll on your success
Aug 18