Jotham's Stories

An agent in Minnesota has provided Inman with recordings of messages left for her in late March. Similar calls have prompted local Realtor associations across the country to issue safety alerts.
Apr 2
12-year Corcoran veteran will join Toni Haber and her seven-agent team at the fast-growing brokerage
Mar 29
The caller claims to be a shoe photographer from London and directs conversations to feet and vulgar stories
Mar 28
Illinois state agency found the owner and managing broker of the 65-year-old brokerage failed to supervise agents who then engaged in deceptive advertising practices
Mar 27
This young generation will shell out over $102k on rent by age 30, study finds
Mar 27
Read all five parts of Inman's first-ever guide for real estate leaders on surviving disruption and thriving in the future, based on our industry survey
Mar 23
A serial caller with a deep voice has targeted female agents across the country, from Hawaii to Massachusetts, prompting safety alerts
Mar 22