Lee's Stories

As we approach MLK Day 2022, it's time to explore the ways the housing industry struggles with both consumers and agents being superficially and unfairly judged by their skin color and race — as well as remedies in the works
Jan 14
In this week's edition of Real (Estate) Talk, Brandon Voss, president of The Black Swan Group, talks about the concept of fairness and what makes it so important in conversations and negotiations — especially in real estate
Dec 21
Unfortunately, not every seller works with an agent who is committed to fair housing beyond the logo on flyers. To that point, Oregon has been a trailblazer in banning love letters. Should other states follow? Closing attorney Mehrnush Saadat shares her thoughts
Oct 21
Are you ready to harness the power of Clubhouse for your business? Here, Brittany Rose, entrepreneur, Realtor and community connector shares how she built a 54,200-follower Clubhouse community for women in real estate and how you can monetize your social media connections
Sep 17
Last summer, everyone was on the quest for equality, but where are we one year after George Floyd's murder? Julia Lashay Israel, Keller Williams head of diversity, equity and inclusion, shares some initiatives she's embracing
Aug 19
Acknowledgment is a much-needed first step — but it's only the beginning. For people of color to experience a greater sense of equity, inclusion and justice in diversity work, these steps are vital
Jul 16
This year, the federal government has taken steps to recommit to fair housing, but what can be done locally? Here's what this Wisconsin firm is doing to help would-be homebuyers overcome barriers to homeownership
Jun 18
Restorative, anti-racist education isn't oppositional. It's about cultivating community among all of us who are on the anti-racist journey
May 31