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Data covering a 25-year period shows lower mortgage approval rates, worse terms for same-sex couples
May 22
The digital service organizes, manages and stores homeowners' house maintenance and upkeep records online. Its record-keeping system is often more detailed than paper-based records
May 7
This Minneapolis brokerage is following the co-op model — almost 100 of the company’s agents are shareholder-partners, and they love it
Apr 23
A study conducted for a new initiative, called Health Begins with Home, finds medical treatment is delayed or skipped by tenants who pay too much for their housing
Apr 9
From smart dimmers and outdoor refrigerators to wall-mounted HVACs and dishwashing sinks, the International Builders Show had it all
Mar 26
Florida Housing Finance Agency was the worst offender, charging Uncle Sam nearly $17,900 for unrelated travel expenses
Mar 12
Economists at the National Association of Home Builders' expo say mortgage rates will stay manageable 'for now'
Feb 26
New research from Clever Real Estate finds millennials are thinking outside the box when it comes to pinching pennies
Feb 12