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Credit score knowledge is up, but many lack complete understanding of how credit is determined, how it impacts them and how it can be improved
Jun 27
What you should know about reaching this group and making it a profitable niche market
Jun 21
There's much to be done 'if the nation is to meet its stated goal of a decent home and suitable living environment for all'
Jun 20
Launched Thursday, HomLuv.com is a startup that wants to flip the way most people look for a home, with artificial intelligence
Jun 14
Average homeowner paid $3,400 in property taxes last year, but that amount varies wildly from state to state depending on housing costs and taxes levied
Apr 17
At the metropolitan level, the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas, area gained 146,000 people in a year's span
Apr 6
When borrowers are caught off guard because their financing doesn’t close at the rate and fees they expected, they tend to blame everyone in the room
Mar 12
Loan applications are increasing vigorously, while lenders are opening the spigots
Feb 5