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Trust your team to handle things in the office, put the phone away and focus on family time
Feb 1
The latest and greatest in attractive, efficient home features
Jan 30
Homeowners aren't selling, and the prospect of rising rates could encourage them to 'lock-in' and stay put
Jan 16
Nearly half of all 60- to 70-year olds exit the workforce while still making house payments
Jan 4
Comparing the big brands by agent count, number of offices and more
Dec 26
Builder and broker communities are not on the same page, and won’t be until they start talking to each other, author contends
Dec 1
Time it takes to get a home loan increased by a full week in 2017, according to research by J.D. Power
Nov 9
Firms across the U.S. are sweetening the pot with bonuses and other work perks
Nov 7