Marian's Stories

Listing photos are all well and good, but in 2016, when most buyers search for homes, they want more than just still images — they want to know how those images fit together to create the space they might buy. Starting today, when a potential buyer visits a listing on Zillow, they might see a “video walkthrough,” a quick two-minute overview of the property’s floor plan in video mode.

Feb 16

Starbucks isn’t only the place to pick up your daily triple nonfat latte with a drizzle of caramel and extra foam on the side — it’s also a great place to find leads.

Feb 12

You and your client have finally made it — the weekends of open houses, the mounds of paperwork and numerous inspections and negotiations have led to this moment, when you can finally exclaim that this house is “SOLD!” What better way to cap off the experience than to give your sellers something that will keep this milestone, and you, at the forefront of their mind.

Feb 10

You’ve made it to the end of a busy day, which should inspire feelings of complete joy, and visions of you kicking back at happy hour or spending some much needed time with family. However, it can rouse anxiety over the to-dos you have yet to complete.

Feb 9

Data. This word has been at the center of many recent debates, from who rightfully owns and controls the data, to how it’s displayed, disseminated and ultimately used. Although most of the conversation seems to focus on listing data, the people at Updater and SkySlope have decided to tackle the issue of client data and how some brokerages inappropriately use it.

Feb 8

The weekend is primetime for open houses, but what happens when the nation’s most watched football game happens at the same time? Some agents say to take a timeout, while others are going for the touchdown.

Feb 5

Can you believe it? Inman Connect New York starts January 26 — that’s next week! Our staff and contributors have written lists, lists and more lists to help make this ICNY your best yet. Well, here’s one more to ensure that your style and tech game is in tip-top shape.

Jan 19

Inman Connect New York is two weeks away, and the rising excitement is undeniable. Every day, I see Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram photos about all the glorious plans people have in store for their four days in New York. But, I’m sure that excitement will temporarily turn to panic the day before everyone heads to the airport.

Jan 13