Patrick's Stories

The NY Giants quarterback now holds the title of offloading the New Jersey city's highest-priced condo
Apr 18
Experts argue it's common practice to use home equity loans for various purposes, but charges could come if attorney Michael Cohen lied about using the money to pay off Stephanie Clifford a.k.a. Stormy Daniels
Apr 18
Catch up on all the news from Zillow's entrance into the iBuyer market
Apr 16
New report expects boon in construction for senior housing
Apr 16
The Seattle-based real estate tech company's stock price closed down on Friday following its announcement it will buy and sell homes directly
Apr 13
Trade org had proposed to spend additional money on redesigned lapel pins in 2018, but finalization of new materials is now suspended as well
Apr 12
NAR CEO BOB Goldberg thanked members for their vocal response to the change and promised to monitor the feedback
Apr 11
The reviews are mostly negative, but branding experts reveal insights behind the change
Apr 10