Teresa's Stories

Homebuyers can get 3D tours and look up home histories, but the mortgage process is still painfully slow
Dec 12
Let’s go beyond looking at laws and start building an awareness of what fair housing means in human terms
Nov 29
Getting paid promptly for your work is surprisingly hard in our high-tech world. Make it a priority for your agents to make sure they feel valued
Nov 15
It's taken 10 years for the real estate industry to truly understand and embrace this method of marketing
Oct 31
Our Realtor rules are often obscure, byzantine and confusing to consumers
Oct 17
In a world of fierce competition, it's easy to imagine dystopian outcomes for our industry
Oct 3
Having to endure awful sales experiences reminds us what not to do when trying to land new business
Sep 19
A St. Paul real estate exhibit shines the spotlight on the legacy of racially restrictive deeds that prevented black homeownership
Aug 29