Teresa's Stories

Quitting — a job, a person, a brokerage, a business plan — can often be a way to have more by having less
Dec 15
For the past few years, we've been told to look on the bright side. Especially as real estate agents, positivity often comes with the job. But can too much positivity turn toxic?
Dec 2
What President Biden’s infrastructure bill didn't address is affordable housing. 'Housing is a necessity,' says broker-owner Teresa Boardman. Here's why she says we all need to start treating it accordingly
Nov 17
As a Realtor and broker-owner of Boardman Realty, Teresa Boardman has vast experience working in and running an independent brokerage. Here's her take on what it's like to be an indie broker and what the future might look like
Nov 11
The best thing we can do for our businesses is be honest about the services we provide, how we work and even how the industry itself works. We need to promote our services without suggesting that the competition is greedy, incompetent or unethical
Oct 21
As fewer companies dominate the scene and own the software it takes to run a real estate business, prices will go up while customer service and innovation decline
Oct 6
For agents, staying safe on the job includes protecting yourself against COVID-19, but discussion of pandemic protocols has been largely absent from Realtor Safety Month
Sep 23
NAR is the face of real estate — a nice big target to blame when something needs to be fixed. But here's why it's really up to real estate brokerages to raise their standards
Sep 10