Tom's Stories

Every agent wants to win more listings, but few are willing to invest the time practicing. You must be willing to do the reps and craft your presentations so that sellers will likely sign with you. Here's how
Jan 3
Auditing your CRM will build self-awareness and help you establish personal responsibility around your processes. Most importantly, you’ll sell more houses — which ultimately is the goal of every single real estate agent
Jan 3
Master the commitments you've made, and improve your business by following these simple steps to stay accountable
Dec 13
Most agents won't even bother with circle dialing because they have convinced themselves that it is not worth the effort. Which is exactly why you should jump in on the opportunity. Here are 4 reasons to pick up the phone now
Dec 7
Just by getting on the phone, you can generate new leads and build your own listing inventory. The business is that simple. The people who have the most conversations and go on the most appointments sell the most houses
Nov 30