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Comedian and TV host talks blockchain, bitcoin and ICOs, all of which are shaking up the real estate space
Mar 19
A historian and Wikipedia editor teamed up to create a more detailed map of the U.S. population than the U.S. Census official figures.
Mar 16
The home automation company owned by Google has a new fleet of smart devices to trick out your home.
Mar 15

After successfully executing an investment property transaction, real estate agent Manuela Londono-Osorio of Culture Estate, a small real estate brokerage in Scotch Plains, N.J, accepted her commission check into her cryptocurrency wallet.

Mar 14
Company aims to make its data more accessible to younger audiences and the real estate community through the use of video and audio
Mar 14
The company's indoor, connected smart bulbs have been a hit. Now it's taking things outdoors.
Mar 13
A new report finds that homeowners with a mortgage are paying 13 percent more per month, or about $168 for the median home.
Mar 13
E-commerce giant might be considering a move into lending, a huge departure from its business model that would require working through a lot of red tape
Mar 12