Veronika's Stories

Proposals from Florida, Ohio and Colorado passed the first round of the competition
Jun 20
Duane Laird will build you a house on your land for free if you let him collect rent on it for the next 12 years
Jun 20
Vista Tower in Chicago will feature a car-sharing garage, a 5-star hotel and over 400 apartments
Jun 19
Residents of Summit County in Colorado live, on average, to 86.8 years old, according to new study
Jun 19
Single-family rent has climbed at the same rate since 2017, according to CoreLogic’s Single-Family Rent Index
Jun 19
'Korean Yang Kyoungjong fought with Japan against the USSR,' reads one of the posts. 'He then fought with the USSR against Germany. Then with Germany against the US! Want an agent who fights for you, call me!'
Jun 18
From hookups and platonic chatter to creepy encounters, the 3-year-old app has inspired big city millennials to adapt the service into a social tool
Jun 15
Advertising builders can now get services such as interactive floor and site plans, apps, 3D renderings, virtual tours and web design at reduced rates
Jun 14