In this week's Teams Beat, find out the most common communication blunders team leaders make, learn how to support agents in hectic markets, and pick up a few life-changing time management tips.
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In this week's Teams Beat, find out the most common communication blunders team leaders make, learn how to support agents in hectic markets, and pick up a few life-changing time management tips. Care to contribute to Teams Beat? Drop an email to, please.

The 4 most common communication errors team leaders make

By Kathleen Black, CEO, Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting

As a team leader, being a good communicator should be one of your key traits. But sometimes, even great communicators make mistakes in certain situations and areas that they might be completely unaware of.

If a team member has recently brought up mistake in your communication methods to your attention (or perhaps this article sheds light on an error you might be making), don't be afraid to correct yourself.

Yes, communication is very important, but it's also a difficult skill to master — which is why we're all still learning how to be the best communicators we can be for our teams, ourselves and our clients. If you want to improve your skills, here are a few common communication mishaps you should be aware of (and ultimately try to assess and fix). Read more.

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Robert Slack, #1 Team U.S. 2020

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How to support your agents in this ultra-competitive seller's market As a team leader or broker, you probably hear it from your agents who work primarily with buyers. Across the country, nearly every major market has the same issues: low inventory, high demand, and a knock-down, drag-out fight for buyers trying to get a home, especially in the entry-level pricing brackets.

We've been dealing with it all year with my team. Here are a few tips I've come up with to help leaders encourage their agents in this hectic market. Read more.

How top teams set themselves free! [Sponsored] The highest performing teams now choose to work with the top specialized providers in each category and make sure that there is a seamless integration with these “top gun” solutions.

Not enough of you to go around? 6 time management tips for busy real estate pros It's far too easy to get caught in the cycle of more, better, faster. Believe me, I've been there! Burning the candle at both ends is no way to live a truly meaningful and fulfilling life.

The phrase "if I only had more time" is the busy person's easiest excuse to avoid making a meaningful change. Your lifestyle (and your success) will only change when you change your relationship with time. Here are six tips for better time management so you can live a life of purpose and prosperity. Read more.

WATCH: Debating the future of teams at Connect Now Real estate is not medicine, but according to Wilson Leung, a similar principle applies: Agents and brokers serve their clients best when they too zero in on their specialties. And teams help them do that.

"We, as individual agents that are consumer facing, we have to provide value," he added.

Leung — a team leader with Own Real Estate in California — was one of several industry professionals who convened during an Inman Connect Now workshop dubbed "Where Teams Go From Here." In the workshop, the group explored the ways in which teams help agents improve their efficiency and better serve their clients. And while the agents' perspectives varied, they all agreed that the advantages of teams are legion. Watch more.

8 trending amenities that luxury buyers want in 2021 Throughout the pandemic, we have witnessed a huge shift when it comes to the amenities our clients prioritize when purchasing a home. The amenities that used to fall under the "would be great to have" category have now become nonnegotiable.

More than ever, the home has become the staycation, the office, the gym — you name it. In today's world, home life is everything, and staying abreast of the latest and greatest amenities on the market is key. Here, we've outlined the amenities our clients are seeking when house hunting in 2021. Read more.

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