From where we stand now, the future of the real estate market looks challenging. If you're grappling with the rapid change, here are a few things you can do to prepare for future market shifts
by Steve Cook Mar 20
While some are still battling flood waters in their markets, others are emerging from the effects of Hurricane Harvey
by Gill South AND Teke Wiggin Aug 31
What you accomplish now will define your 2017
Clearly a secure cloud is impossible
by David Redic Jul 10
Evaluation Solutions relied on network of 30,000 vendors to do inspections, BPOs, appraisals
by Inman Dec 27
ClearQC checks for completeness and validity of valuations
by Inman Mar 30
Fraud rings recruiting real estate professionals
by Inman Aug 16
Report: Bangalore subsidiary will add up to 1,800 workers in 2011
by Inman Oct 7
Broker price opinions will still be needed for pricing REOs, short sales
by Matt Carter Jul 20
Appraisers: BPOs raise risk of fraud in short sales
by Matt Carter Mar 9