8% of buyers got down payment help from family this year: Survey
A new survey of 1,700 real estate agents this spring found that homebuyers in the Northeast and in Southern California were the most likely to get financial help from their family
by Jim Dalrymple II Jul 3
Rocket's new 1% down mortgage also picks up tab for PMI
A hypothetical buyer putting down $2,500 to purchase a $250,000 home could save $20,500 in private mortgage insurance payments over 7 years, lender estimates
by Matt Carter May 22
Freddie Mac spotlights lenders for promoting affordable loans
UWM, Rocket Mortgage and Fairway were enthusiastic backers of Freddie Mac's Home Possible mortgage in 2022, which lets low-income homebuyers put as little as 3% down
by Matt Carter May 15
This is where it takes the longest amount of time to save up for a home
In Glendale, California, a homebuyer with a median household income for the area can expect to save for 15.1 grueling years, compared to counterparts in Detroit, who will save for just 2.6 years
by Lillian Dickerson Jan 10
Credit union invites members to back zero-down mortgages
Blue Federal Credit Union is partnering with real estate agents to find creditworthy borrowers for creative 'no-money-down' mortgage program
by Matt Carter Oct 4
10 fresh ways to make buyers fall in love with your autumn listings
September is a fantastic time to refresh your listings and create unique, eye-catching marketing campaigns that will get your listings sold now
by Bernice Ross Sep 9
Is it cheaper for me to rent or buy in today’s market?
Give your buyers the information they need to stay motivated to buy against rising prices, rents and rates. Homeownership is still key
by Bernice Ross Sep 6
3 ways to keep the door open to homeownership for discouraged buyers
If your potential buyers are ready to give up, don't let them throw in the towel yet. Try these three strategies to help open up new opportunities in a challenging market
by Laura Adams Jul 14
Americans know more about Kim Kardashian than homebuying
Nearly 90% of Americans know how many children Kim Kardashian has, but fewer than 33% know how to get pre-approved for a mortgage, according to a new survey from Zillow
by Marian McPherson Jun 17
Polly integrated with all 6 primary mortgage insurers
Ability to retrieve quotes helps borrowers assess their options and streamlines the mortgage insurance process for lenders
by Matt Carter May 15
Last year's stimulus could still be fueling this year's home purchases
Nearly 1 in 4 people planning to buy a home in the next 12 months set aside stimulus money for the transaction, a Redfin survey shows
by Daniel Houston Feb 4
How agents can utilize Zillow's Down Payment Resource deal
Zillow’s move into the down payment assistance space will be a boon to buyers struggling to save for a house. The benefits assistance can bring to homeowners are huge. The question is whether you will you seize this opportunity to grow your business
by Bernice Ross Dec 16
'OK Boomer': Older homebuyers make gains as millennials struggle
Baby boomers made gains over first-time homebuyers in the decade before the pandemic, growing to 24% of recent home purchases in 2019, according to a new analysis from Zillow
by Daniel Houston Oct 14
A family holding coins in the palms of their layered hands
Hundreds of millions of dollars in down payment assistance is available nationwide, according to CRMLS and DPR
by Andrea V. Brambila Sep 29
How agents can retain clients when they take a break from the market
When clients decide to put a pause on their home search, agents can ensure homebuyers and sellers stick with them when they're ready to reenter the market by staying top-of-mind