Yield curves predicting recessions did so historically and will again at the end of Fed overshoots. The Fed has done no such thing this time
by Lou Barnes | Aug 19
In the time since Donald Trump's tariff announcement Thursday, low-fee mortgages have fallen below 4%
by Lou Barnes | Aug 5
The Federal Reserve cut interest rates for the first time since the recession. Will mortgage rates dip further?
by Patrick Kearns | Jul 31
The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has been investigating real estate money laundering since January 2016
by Lew Sichelman | Nov 28
An old friend used to say that the Fed’s job was to carry an immensely valuable crystal orb balanced on a flat silver tray without edges, while refereeing a hockey game
by Lou Barnes | May 4
President of the Boston Fed calls for mechanical series of hikes at every other meeting
by Lou Barnes | Apr 3
The Fed's smoke signals gave no hint of what comes next, but the pressure seems to be building behind the curtain
by Lou Barnes | Aug 19
Ben Bernanke this week told us as much as we can know
by Lou Barnes | Aug 12
Start by sorting Wall Street propaganda and bad theories
by Lou Barnes | Sep 18
But even if we see a rate hike before year-end, analysts and homebuyers aren’t sweating any potential impact on housing
by Amy Tankersley | Sep 17
A few of the regional voices, though, are extraordinary
by Lou Barnes | Sep 8
Numbers won't pick up until incomes do
by Lou Barnes | Aug 28
Everyone building or buying wants to know what's going on
by Lou Barnes | Jul 31
Fed will lift off from 0 percent this year unless the economy swoons
by Lou Barnes | Apr 13
Consumers pocket cash saved at the pump
by Lou Barnes | Feb 13