The Main Street Lending program will provide four-year loans to businesses with fewer than 10,000 employees
by Patrick Kearns Apr 10
Economics, not politics, impacts the bond markets the most
by Lou Barnes Jan 3
Leaders of federal administrations always take credit for roaring economies, but the reality is more complex
by Lou Barnes Dec 27
Yield curves predicting recessions did so historically and will again at the end of Fed overshoots. The Fed has done no such thing this time
by Lou Barnes Aug 19
In the time since Donald Trump's tariff announcement Thursday, low-fee mortgages have fallen below 4%
by Lou Barnes Aug 5
The Federal Reserve cut interest rates for the first time since the recession. Will mortgage rates dip further?
by Patrick Kearns Jul 31
The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has been investigating real estate money laundering since January 2016
by Lew Sichelman Nov 28
An old friend used to say that the Fed’s job was to carry an immensely valuable crystal orb balanced on a flat silver tray without edges, while refereeing a hockey game
by Lou Barnes May 4
President of the Boston Fed calls for mechanical series of hikes at every other meeting
by Lou Barnes Apr 3
The Fed's smoke signals gave no hint of what comes next, but the pressure seems to be building behind the curtain
by Lou Barnes Aug 19
Ben Bernanke this week told us as much as we can know
by Lou Barnes Aug 12
Start by sorting Wall Street propaganda and bad theories
by Lou Barnes Sep 18
But even if we see a rate hike before year-end, analysts and homebuyers aren’t sweating any potential impact on housing
by Amy Tankersley Sep 17
A few of the regional voices, though, are extraordinary
by Lou Barnes Sep 8
Numbers won't pick up until incomes do
by Lou Barnes Aug 28