Serious mortgage delinquencies could bounce from 17-year low
Early-stage delinquencies have increased for 3 months in a row, suggesting that delinquency rates may be nearing a bottom, according to Black Knight's first look at August mortgage data
by Matt Carter Sep 25
Now LiveEasy, moving concierge is all-in on life after closing
Moving technology and concierge company MoveEasy has rebranded as LiveEasy to accommodate new tools, better connectivity and its introduction to the rental market
by Craig C. Rowe Jun 20
Market slowdown is 'chipping away' at homeowner wealth: Attom
The share of homes that were worth at least 50% more than their mortgage fell for the second straight quarter. Still, a few homes are facing foreclosure, according to the latest report
by Taylor Anderson May 4
Point's Eddie Lim on the 'vintage' days ahead for proptech investors
Investors are eying 2023 and 2024 as prime opportunities amid a market still finding its footing, Point co-founder Eddie Lim told Intel in an exclusive interview
by Daniel Houston Feb 22
Most homebuyers forking out big bucks to buy down mortgage rate
While mortgage rates have eased and home prices have fallen in many markets, affordability still has a 'stranglehold on much of the market,' according to research released by Black Knight
by Matt Carter Feb 7
Power buyer Knock says it will now work with any lender or agent
Homebuyers can use the Knock Home Swap Equity Advance in conjunction with a purchase loan from any lender to make a non-contingent offer when buying their next home
by Matt Carter Jan 24
Splitero's $11.7M Series A takes aims at HELOC market
San Diego-based Splitero has secured more than $1B in total financing to back its model, which offers cash payments, or Home Equity Investments (HEI), to homeowners
by Craig C. Rowe Jan 17
Splitero expands equity-sharing service into Colorado, Washington
The expansion comes as 85% of homeowners with a mortgage have a rate far below the current 7% yet high equity in their home. Splitero said expansion plans will continue in other states in 2023
by Taylor Anderson Oct 25
US home equity has reached new heights. What happens next?
Gains in household real estate equity have far outpaced growth in US mortgage debt, according to new numbers from the Federal Reserve board
by Daniel Houston Sep 6
Knock unveils new plan to help homebuyers reduce mortgage rate
Interest-free home equity advances to Knock Home Swap clients can be used to buy down mortgage rate or make a bigger down payment
by Matt Carter Aug 2
3 trends poised to disrupt the real estate landscape
From blockchain to proptech, and everything in between, there's always something new on the real estate horizon. Here are the trends that are currently changing the game
Ready to saddle up and make the move to Montana? The Real Word
This week, Byron Lazine and Nicole White discuss PPP loans, record-setting levels of home equity and a Montana Marketeer
by Byron Lazine Jun 10
Flueid gears up to support purchase and home equity loans
Title and escrow software-as-a-service provider's tech platform, Flueid Decision, can now detect solar panels and liens
by Matt Carter May 19
Homeowner equity increased 3% during Q1
Nearly 45% of homes in the country were considered equity rich, up from 41.9% in the fourth quarter. But the rising values are creating barriers for first-time buyers
by Ben Verde May 11
Home equity investment startup Splitero launches, raises $5.8M
The fintech startup offers home equity investments of up to $500,000 without income or credit score requirements and no monthly payments. The funds have a 30-year repayment period
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 12