Healthy job growth, affordable housing and strong home price appreciation will make these metros homebuying hotspots over the next decade
by Marian McPherson Dec 11
Concerns about another financial crisis paired with rising mortgage rates are keeping would-be movers at bay
by Marian McPherson Jan 24
As the cost of housing rises, young adults may be reconsidering their ability to afford children, a Zillow report says
by Marian McPherson Jun 7
Growth slows to 0.10% month over month, but scarce home listings and strong demand still pushing values up
by Marian McPherson Feb 26
Affordable housing inventory has decreased by 18% year-over-year, quickly pushing up home value appreciation
by Marian McPherson Feb 16
Experts adjust predictions to account for persistence of scarce inventory, low mortgage rates pushing up demand
by Marian McPherson Dec 12
A new Zillow report finds the inventory crisis is driving up prices nationwide
by Marian McPherson Nov 22
Amazon's commercial growth is impacting Seattle's residential housing market
by Marian McPherson Oct 27
Deteriorating wage growth and rising home prices bringing some major markets to low affordability levels
by Jennifer Riner Sep 30
Median rent for a one-bedroom apartment stands at nearly $2,200
by Erik Pisor Dec 29
New title agent survey shows growing concern about impact on first-time homebuyers
by Amy Tankersley Dec 11
Quarter-over-quarter price appreciation has slowed in the San Francisco metro
by Erik Pisor Nov 12
Although home price gains are climbing out of their rut, RealtyTrac says all signs point to a market plateau
by Amy Tankersley Nov 5
Even if tight inventory begins to ease up, we’re still likely to see continued price appreciation, company says
by Amy Tankersley Oct 6
San Jose, San Francisco remain state's top-performing markets
by Erik Pisor Oct 6