Commentary: Policies appear to alter congressional intent
by Ken Harney | Apr 12
Legislation will overhaul appraisal rules
by Matt Carter | Jul 16
Fannie Mae says appraisers must have local knowledge
by Inman | Jul 7
Court rejects argument that feds have sole jurisdiction
by Inman | Jun 9
Feds nix funding for independent institute
by Matt Carter | May 20
RESPA rule changes still taking effect Jan. 1
by Inman | Dec 23
Consumer protection agency would draft new appraisal rules
by Inman | Dec 11
HVCC could remain in force another year
by Matt Carter | Nov 18
Agency would draft new requirements
by Matt Carter | Oct 23
States moving to regulate appraisal management companies
by Inman | Oct 15
Industry groups air list of grievances
by Inman | Oct 8
House Keys
by Inman | Sep 22
Realtors, lenders, builders meet with regulators
by Inman | Sep 22
Agency tightening standards to stem losses
by Matt Carter | Sep 18