Company says leads generated by agents more cost-effective than those from third-party portals
by Andrea V. Brambila | Jan 19
The family investment office of Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt participated in the funding round
by Teke Wiggin | Jan 13
The brokerage's automated valuation model got an update and will launch in new markets
by Marian McPherson | Oct 25
Clients putting Zestimates on a pedestal? Point them toward this sale
by Teke Wiggin | May 18
Progress from Homing In and launch of Real Estimate show crowdsourcing valuations may have potential
by Teke Wiggin | Mar 22
New tool helps homeowners gauge their home's value, contact an agent
by Andrea V. Brambila | Dec 14
Redfin's proprietary home value estimates will appear on listing pages, unless denied permission by listing agent
by Teke Wiggin | Dec 3
FSBOs are out (sort of), home value estimates are in, and leads go to the listing agent
by Andrea V. Brambila | Aug 20
House Actually averages estimates submitted by agents
by Teke Wiggin | Jan 17
Consumers may compare new estimates to those of Zillow,
by Teke Wiggin | Jan 14
Users' financial portfolios to now feature Zestimates
by Inman | Sep 23