Intel unpacks the startling price of entry into the US housing market
Economists, homeowners and agents broke down the alarming but true cost of buying property in 2023, telling Intel that rising rates and home prices are only the start for wallet-stretched buyers
by Marian McPherson Oct 4
'It must have 16 cabinets': 6 deals that died for wild and silly reasons
Real estate agents recently revealed to Inman the most unexpected reasons they've lost deals — including a fear of snakes, hatred of Glade Plug-ins, bad vibes and, apparently, off-kilter feng shui
by Jim Dalrymple II Sep 1
Share of homebuyers looking to move cities hits new high
Homebuyers have been dropping out of the market. Of the ones who are still in, more are eyeing a cross-city relocation, Redfin data suggests
by Daniel Houston Aug 23
When handling buyer objections, preparation is key, brokers say
Buyers with doubts need to know they're being heard. A well-oiled process for responding to their objections can help, Bianca D'Alessio and Aaron West said Thursday at Inman Connect Las Vegas
by Daniel Houston Aug 11
Home search startup Dash rolls out new construction info for agents
Dash, which aims to improve how real estate agents access information about new construction projects, has released a beta test of its software in Miami, the company announced last week
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 11
Virginia is for lovers, irked buyers, stubborn sellers and bidding wars
Despite sales falling by double-digits, agents and brokers in Alexandria, Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia, anticipate a summer of heated bidding wars, tough negotiations and market headwinds
by Marian McPherson Jul 7
A first-time buyer in WW2, client becomes homeowner again at 100
The North Carolina centenarian, who bought her first home in the 1940s, is settling in at the 'lovely house' where she'll live with her son, news station WSOC-TV reported
by Daniel Houston Jul 3
Florida bans Chinese citizens from buying real estate over 2 acres
On May 8, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 264. The new law restricts real estate purchases in the state by citizens of China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and Syria
by Andrea V. Brambila May 18
And the cheapest state to buy a home is…
Illinois is the cheapest state to purchase a home, due to a study by California-based boutique brokerage RubyHome. The study focuses on the income-to-sale price ratios for each state
by Marian McPherson Apr 28
Homebuyer dollar stretching further as rates drop: Zillow
As mortgage rates have dropped from a roughly 7% peak, buyers can now buy homes about 84 square feet larger than those they could purchase in October with a $3K monthly payment
Mortgage rate swing created 'more normal' market in December
Slowing mortgage rate growth impacted homebuyers and sellers in different ways in December, according to Zillow's latest market report.
by Marian McPherson Jan 19
Glenn Kelman calls millennials 'the roommate generation'
In an appearance on 'Barron's Live,' Redfin's CEO explained how rising mortgage rates have trapped homeowners and homebuyers into a housing purgatory, tough for anyone to make a move
by Marian McPherson Jan 12
This is where it takes the longest amount of time to save up for a home
In Glendale, California, a homebuyer with a median household income for the area can expect to save for 15.1 grueling years, compared to counterparts in Detroit, who will save for just 2.6 years
by Lillian Dickerson Jan 10
Pending home sales post record drop as deals die and price cuts soar
Inflation and mortgage rates took a hefty toll on homebuyers in October, with a record 60,000 home-purchase cancellations during the month, according to new data released Monday
by Marian McPherson Nov 21
Prices will fall in 2023. But savings will be negligible due to headwinds
Home prices could fall by 8%, but rising mortgage rates and a 'mild recession' will blunt the savings in buyers' pockets, according to Capital Economics' new US Housing Market Outlook
by Marian McPherson Nov 17