Stop, look, listen: Focus on what sellers are NOT saying at listing presentations
Clients tell you so much, not only with what they say but how they decorate, how they interact with each other and what they don’t say. If you’re not actively listening and asking questions from the beginning, it will come back to bite you later in the process.
by Christine Carr May 24
Home value soars after Black couple 'erases' identity prior to appraisal
Tenisha Tate-Austin and Paul Austin filed suit against Janette Miller of Miller & Perotti Real Estate Appraisals, who they allege devalued their Sausalito, California, home based on race
Feeling introverted? 7 tips for dealing with people again
Here are a few helpful tips for those times when you need to cross over to the extrovert side as you get back out there
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A MasterClass in persuasion: 10 tips to win your next negotiation
Find out why the art of persuasion has a critical place in real estate sales and what agents can learn from bestselling author Daniel Pink's MasterClass on sales and persuasion
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QUIZ: Are you really listening? Find out here
Think you're a good listener? Let's find out. Take the quiz to gauge your listening skills when it comes to client needs and concerns, then implement these best practices to improve your communication
by Bernice Ross Mar 25
7 body language do's and don'ts for effective virtual meetings
Online meetings are the new norm, which is why now's the perfect time to hone your virtual communication skills. Here are the best body language practices to help you get your point across effectively
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