The latest jobs report is good; most other factors are stable. The economic wild card is the uncertain prospects of the outcome of the trade talks with China.
by Lou Barnes | Dec 6
The greatest threat to the global economy is trade friction with China
by Lou Barnes | Nov 22
The information technology revolution continues to break old assumptions behind economic modeling
by Lou Barnes | Nov 15
The trade war damage in the US outside of manufacturing and farms has been undetectable
by Lou Barnes | Nov 8
The economy keeps humming along
by Lou Barnes | Nov 1
There might be some volatility ahead
by Lou Barnes | Oct 25
The Brexit deal, the negotiations with China and a new president of the European Central Bank are all good news
by Lou Barnes | Oct 18
The forecast for interest rates is still low, reinforced by new information from the Federal Reserve
by Lou Barnes | Oct 11
The numbers don't reflect a looming recession, just a natural slowdown
by Lou Barnes | Oct 7
The outlook: A mixed bag
by Lou Barnes | Sep 27
US economy and housing are resilient
by Lou Barnes | Sep 20
The European Central Bank's move to stimulate the European economy set President Trump into a tizzy. Here's why his tweets don't make any sense
by Lou Barnes | Sep 13
Markets preoccupied with tariffs and are trading on Brexit, and they really shouldn’t bother
by Lou Barnes | Sep 6
Trade creates specialization, efficiency, product improvement and low cost
by Lou Barnes | Sep 3
Financial markets are moving fast, and interest rates are still falling
by Lou Barnes | Aug 27