'In the real estate industry, everybody does so many things that are similar to each other. We wanted something that’s fun,' said the app's creator
by Patrick Kearns Feb 25
Follow these strategies to help maximize your marketing investments and watch your earnings grow
by Romana King Aug 19
It was a tough year for startups that specialized in crowdfunding, website design and other services
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 28
Monroe will be the company's first ever head of industry and brand engagement following the shutdown of her former company Sequel
by Patrick Kearns Oct 22
The cloud-based website development and marketing platform was dissolved by parent company Rennie
by Patrick Kearns Oct 3
Regardless of what you post, have fun, and keep your content fresh
by Bernice Ross Apr 30
If you aren’t getting leads, the wrong types of visitors may be coming to your website
by Brennan Flentge Apr 3
Drive traffic and boost business with rich content and effective calls-to-action
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Once you get the wheels in motion, it makes getting clients much easier
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Always hone your website and marketing efforts
by Brandon Doyle Nov 9
Optimize your main page templates for search engines and users
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Considerations for real estate agents before starting a new site
by Anja Skrba Oct 6
Hyper-local content is where it's at
by Ryan Fitzgerald Aug 16
The website is an easy-to-use platform for home sale and rental search by personalized parameters
by Kimberly Manning Jun 3