Hundreds of real estate professionals who responded to an Inman survey expressed satisfaction with coaching, indicating it made them more money and improved their lives
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 17
Agents have turned to coaches for decades to help improve their incomes and their lives. Let us know here how they've impacted you
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 10
This week, we'd like to know what team building activities you've either hosted or participated in that boosted motivation and renewed your excitement for work
by Inman Jun 17
It's the lowest since Gallup began conducting homebuyer sentiment surveys in 1978
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 27
How happy are you in your current position? Are you satisfied with your compensation? What about the technology your company provides? Take Inman's inaugural 'Agent Appreciation' survey and check back through January for a detailed analysis of the findings
by Inman Dec 30
'We expect to see red places in the middle of the country become redder and the blues bluer as the migration trends continue,' Redfin Chief Economist Daryl Fairweather says
by Patrick Kearns Sep 20
LGBT client concerns include affordability, competition from other buyers and neighborhood safety
by Amber Taufen Jun 6
Take our survey for a chance to win two free passes to ICSF 2017
by Inman Jun 5
Freddie Mac study finds a majority of agents are referring clients to lenders but don't feel comfortable fielding mortgage questions themselves
by Amy Tankersley Nov 16
NAR survey finds pros and cons for agents in the first year under the new mortgage transaction regime
by Amy Tankersley Oct 4
Tight supply and lender issues leading gripes among pros
by Britt Chester Aug 29

Social media is everywhere, and humans are all over it. There’s more advice about how real estate agents should operate on social media than anyone could possibly follow. Should you jump on the latest trend right away or wait to make sure it doesn’t fizzle out? Hire someone to manage your social presence or do it all yourself?

by Gill South May 12
A survey from TD Bank highlights trends in unconventional financing and consumers' digital inclinations
by Caroline Feeney Apr 27
While more than 40 percent of millennial homebuyers aren't saving for a downpayment, nearly 80 percent say they do want to purchase a home someday
by Caroline Feeney Apr 20
Lack of inventory, rising prices and global uncertainty are on the minds of today's buyer agents
by Caroline Feeney Apr 18