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What You'll Learn

The latest developments in tech

That includes automating processes like the collection of borrower and property data, appraisals and communications with partners — anything that saves time, money, and grief!

New partnerships and mergers

Which companies have new relationships? Which are merging or being acquired? Stay right on top of these shifts as they come to market.

Tips on marketing and growth

Leading thinkers will identify channels and practices that deliver the best return on investment.

In-depth insights on important issues

Important coverage of secondary mortgage markets, and issues governed by Fannie, Freddie, and the like.

Regulations and law

From secondary mortgage markets to fair lending laws, data privacy, and RESPA, we’ll keep you in the know and in the now.

And more!

New startups changing the game, consumer behavior, and more.

"We’re seeing a tighter linkage between real estate professionals and the mortgage and title professionals that handle the last mile of the transaction. We’re excited to deepen that connection and deliver the news and stories that will help everyone improve the entire experience for the consumer."

Matt Carter

Inman Mortgage & Title Managing Editor


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This is the first smart, fast, easy-to-access mortgage newsletter of its kind. With a heavy focus on the technology shaping and changing the industry, it covers the beat with an eye toward the future of the digital transaction, and how smart professionals can stay ahead.

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