Will trended credit data result in more mortgage approvals?
How more granular information will change lending behavior
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Would-be borrowers could be another $150B in business
Professionals at the annual Regional Conference of Mortgage Bankers Associations in Atlantic City discussed what they're doing
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Could Zillow leads to lenders put you in CFPB's crosshairs?
Portal changes language around lender ads in its co-marketing program
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Why you can expect mortgage rates to creep toward 5%
Sometime this summer the 10-year treasury note will break 2.60 percent
by Lou Barnes | on Mar 15, 2017
LoanDepot invests $80M into digital lending platform
Consumers will have access to a 24/7 secure portal while lender can give accurate quotes, pricing, offers and pre-qualification letters in minutes
by Caroline Feeney | on Mar 7, 2017
The Fed will hike rates by 0.25% at its March meeting
Two speeches this week -- one by the Chair and one by a Fed governor -- illuminate the plans
by Lou Barnes | on Mar 3, 2017
Wells Fargo plans initiative to boost black homeownership
The company will put $60 billion in loan money where its mouth is
by Marian McPherson | on Mar 2, 2017
The massive growth of down payment assistance
What's available where and to whom when it comes to a little down payment boost
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Mortgage rates hit lowest mark since first week in December
Will the Federal Reserve push rates up in March? This week's jobs data could show us
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Xome worth 'a very big pile of money'
Nationstar has had 'significant inbound inquiries' about selling the subsidiary, said Jay Bray
by Amber Taufen | on Feb 22, 2017
Survey: 52 percent of lenders 'off' on initial loan estimate
And 35 percent of buyers were surprised by higher-than-expected closing costs
by Marian McPherson | on Feb 16, 2017
Financial experts: Moving forward with caution
BlackRock, CitiGroup and Merrill talking heads discuss what's ahead for investors
by Lou Barnes | on Feb 13, 2017
Confirmation hearing could raise foreclosure questions
An investigation into the foreclosure practices of Mnuchin's former company is raising eyebrows
by Amy Tankersley | on Jan 16, 2017
CFPB kicks off 2017 with leadership changes
Bureau installs five new officers as it continues to battle legal challenges to its single-director structure
by Amy Tankersley | on Jan 10, 2017
FHA reduces insurance premiums
Federal agency says premium cut will save borrowers $500 a year on average
by Teke Wiggin | on Jan 9, 2017