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Market Intel does not cover multi-family homes or non-disclosure states: AK, ID, IN, KS, LA, ME, MS, MO, MT, NM, ND, TX, UT, WY.


Subscription includes up to 50 house reports and 10 zip code reports each month.

Inman Market Intel provides cutting edge property valuation tools and market trend data powered by Weiss Analytics, including:

  • Property, ZIP, and Metro Level Reports (up to 50 House Reports and 10 Zip Code Reports each month)
  • Market Trend and Forecast Data
  • Interactive Valuation Models
  • Segmentation Reports
  • Dynamic Maps

Turn leads into listings using sophisticated property data and analysis positioning you as a true market expert.

Why Choose Market Intel?

Get Micro Level Data
Get micro level data down to the house and street level that can help agents be smarter about market trends.
Be Ahead of The Game
Spot trends for investors and buyers before anyone else.
Be the Local Expert
Secure more listings with unique market intelligence that makes you the true local expert.
Strong Relationships
Stay top of mind with deep data insights that bolster your CRM out reach.
Knowledge and Control
Build credibility with sellers with more granular and effective home pricing strategies.
Exclusive Assets
Level up your listing presentations, blogs, CMAs and email marketing with data that the competition doesn’t have.

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Market Intel does not cover multi-family homes or non-disclosure states: AK, ID, IN, KS, LA, ME, MS, MO, MT, NM, ND, TX, UT, WY. Monthly and Yearly subscriptions include up to 50 House Reports and 10 Zip Code Reports each month.

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Inman Market Intel is powered by Weiss Analytics.

Founded by Allen Weiss, creator of the Case Shiller Weiss housing index, Weiss Analytics treats every home as a unique data point, with it’s own pricing characteristics. Using a sophisticated data model and algorithm, Weiss Analytics treats each home as its own market and price attributes. This granularity gives users unprecedented data fidelity and insight into market trends at the street and house by house level.


What is Inman Market Intel and what are the benefits?
Market Intel offers mapping visualizations and reports showing market conditions, price trends and forecasts. Help clients make better decisions by combining your market knowledge with data and analysis with unmatched, house level forecasts and pricing tools.
What is unique about how Weiss analyses the market?
Weiss uses repeat sales indexes to measure the value changes for each individual house, rather than averaging home prices across a market, producing indexes and forecasts that recognize the differences in value changes even in homes next to each other.
Is there anything special or unique about the product itself?
Market Intel is the only source for reports, visualizations and tools built with accurate house specific price trends, enabling you to see market dynamics with uniquely accurate and clear resolution. Watch a price change bear down on a market like a weather front.
What products that I use today will this replace for me?
Market Intel will supplement what you already use today to help you help you clients better understand historical and forecasted prices, and value specific properties. We think we do it significantly better than anyone else.
What does Inman Market Intel cover?
We cover 60 million single family homes, condo’s and co-ops in 36 states. We do not cover rentals, multi-family homes or mobile homes, and we do not yet cover homes in non-disclosure states. Monthly and Yearly subscriptions include up to 50 House Reports and 10 Zip Code Reports each month.
Does Market Intel cover all 60 million homes with unique indexes and forecasts?
There are some zip codes that don’t have the data available to meet our rigorous standards for analysis of single homes. For these our valuation tools still work but our indices and forecasts are the same throughout the zip code.
How can I use Weiss Maps?
Our maps show each house as a color coded dot with dark green meaning rapid appreciation and bright red meaning rapid depreciation. Use Weiss Maps to challenge the belief that an overall strong market means every house is strong.
How can I use Market Intel to Secure More Listings?
Advise potential listing clients on the best time to sell and how to price their property. With a declining forecast, listing sooner with a more aggressive price makes sense. With the converse being true in a rising market. Build your credibility and encourage them to list with you when ready.
What is ValPal and how can I use it?
Help homeowners understand the true value of their home with ValPal, an Interactive Valuation Tool that enables you to select comps based on your local expertise. Get them on board with a realistic value and help them sell faster.
How can I use Maps and Segmentation Reports to work with Investors?
Spot trends in the market and inform investors and potential buyers to which homes are appreciating and which have a shift coming. Segmentation reports help determine which types of homes are strong performaners and are forecast to be in the future.
Can I use Market Intel in Social Media?
With our social media and email plugins, you can share market visualizations such as the Weiss Dynamic Maps to help your followers and email subscribers keep track of trends in the market and build your credibility.

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