What exactly can NAR REach do for your tech company?
Dave T. Garland took to the stage at Hacker Connect to explain the value of the National Association ...
by Inman | Dec 15
The latest on tax reform
Stay updated with our latest coverage on the Republican tax reform legislation, which President Trum ...
by Inman | Dec 15
How long until mortgages are affected by rate hikes?
A big week for news, especially for mid-December, but so scattered across the economic spectrum that ...
by Lou Barnes | Dec 15
Bitcoin mortgages are a thing now, but should they be?
Even if turning to home refinancing to buy bitcoin is the same as taking out a mortgage to renovate ...
by Emma Hinchliffe | Dec 15
Read Bob Goldberg's letter on Inman's Upstream report
Today, Goldberg sent an email to NAR members stating that Upstream has "since the very beginning" in ...
by Carl Franzen | Dec 15
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