Neighborhood nuisance rains on buyer’s parade

Do I have legal recourse when seller fails to disclose a nonstructural problem?

Dear Barry, Our home inspector was a gem and saved us a lot of money by finding defects that should have been disclosed by the sellers. But now we've realized a problem that was beyond the scope of a home inspection and which the sellers also failed to reveal: The family across the street includes two delinquent kids who are on drugs, have drinking/pot parties on the porch, screaming fights on the front lawn, etc. The house has a changing cast of seedy characters, and the police are there repeatedly. We've learned that this has been going on for 10 years and all the neighbors are sick of it. Our sellers obviously knew about this but said nothing. I realize this is not a home inspection question, but it does involve disclosure, so we're wondering what you would advise. – Carol Dear Carol, Disclosure requirements are often presumed to involve merely physical and functional defects, such as problems with plumbing, roofing, foundations, etc. Much more, however, is involved in fu...