The essential guide to real estate leadership
Read all five parts of Inman's first-ever guide for real estate leaders on surviving disruption and thriving in the future, based on our industry survey
by Carl Franzen | Mar 23
How a snowy spring is impacting real estate
The never-ending winter weather is affecting the spring market, but East Coast agents are working hard to give excellent service regardless
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ICNY 18 Data: What does a world with no MLS look like?
And is this even a possibility?
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ICNY 18 Data: How I think about my data as a broker-owner
Joe Rand gets real on the Inman Connect stage
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ICNY 18 Data: Live problem solving
The pros talk threats to MLSs, data aggregation, customer service and more
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4 tips for making your customer service unforgettable
Merely asking for a favor can help increase a salesperson’s chances of sealing deals
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How to carve out a real estate niche for yourself
Focus your marketing on people you want to work with
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ICNY 18 Data: The race is on to solve broker pain points
And it's a marathon, not a sprint ...
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ICNY 18 Data: What you need to know about net neutrality
How the rollback could spell bad news for real estate ...
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ICNY 18 Data: How MLSs might run afoul of federal regulators
Who should owns the data?
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Spring Forward: Kendyl Young's secrets to winning listings
Diggs broker-owner shares how she surprises, delights and 'wows' clients every day
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5 ways to become your sphere's go-to agent
Stay top-of-mind all year long
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7 marketing strategies to help first-year agents stand out
Establish an online presence, and build your reputation
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Sotheby's International Realty launches AR staging app
'Curate' features selection of AR interior designs, ranging from modern living rooms to traditional dining rooms, enabling the consumer to virtually swap styles
by Gill South | Mar 20
Imprev gains new customers in Kansas City
ReeceNichols Real Estate, a leading brokerage serving Kansas City, announced that all of its real estate agents will be able to use Imprev's marketing automation services from now on
by Veronika Bondarenko | Mar 20