How to create an email newsletter that cuts through the noise 
A well-designed email with meaningful content helps to build your brand while you generate and nurture leads
by Eric Bramlett May 25
3 keys for turning Instagram into a sales funnel
Increase brand awareness and make genuine connections when you use Instagram to generate and nurture leads
cell phone, mobile app
OpenAI has unveiled its official iOS application for ChatGPT, the company's AI chatbot, allowing you to create content while you're out and about
by Katie Lance May 23
Fannie Mae's latest outlook is grim. 6 ways agents can beat the odds
There's always a way that agents can position themselves for changing market conditions, and brokers can facilitate that process's AI integration is a case of 'garbage in, garbage out'
Digital marketing specialist Joshua Jarvis offers his feedback on's new AI tool. While he applauds the attempt, he says it's a swing and a miss
by Joshua Jarvis May 23
How to nail your next listing (from the agent who wrote the book on it)
Learn the secrets to real estate success from the No. 1 RE/MAX agent worldwide, Jordan Cohen. He offers actionable advice that you can put to work immediately to raise your level of service
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Should you follow everyone who follows you on Instagram?
Find out how to tell the difference between legit Instagram followers and those who are boosting your count without adding value
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Agents, stay off my grass and don't knock on my door
While the conversation around door-knocking is compelling, it's not a prerequisite for success in the real estate business
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How to keep in touch with clients in an authentic way
Whether you're reaching out to current or past clients or cultivating new leads, authenticity and human connection are essential
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5 marketing metrics brokers and team leaders should scrutinize
In order to drive growth and profitability, it's important to keep your eye on the bottom line, and these numbers will help you do just that
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5 types of Realtor videos that put passive prospecting on autopilot
Video is the most impactful place for you to spend your marketing dollars, so here's how to ensure you're doing it right
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Real estate content marketing trends for 2023
Implementing robust content marketing solutions allows agents to prove their value while evaluating and planning new outreach strategies
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Is it too late to create a personal real estate brand?
It’s better to start building your brand late rather than never; the key is to start as soon as possible
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First home? No problem! How to guide first-time homebuyers
In today’s highly competitive real estate market, first-time homebuyers need more information and assistance than ever
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How am I ever going to land my 1st listing?
Although new agents worry about contracts and contingencies, their real focus needs to be on lead gen for that all-important first listing
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Get unstuck: Bring your ideas and goals to life in 6 steps
Inman Connect is the perfect place and time to brainstorm new ideas, and a creative sprint can help you execute
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