This semi-retired broker is shifting the conversation around ADUs
As the ADU trend continues to gain traction, Kendyl Young's role in equipping agents with the tools they need to navigate this new landscape is vital
by Brandon Doyle Jun 6
Lesson Learned: Give, give, take
Find out how Palm Beach agent Daniel Ekerold learned to focus more on the service provided so that the ROI could take care of itself
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LISTEN: In today's market, can doing good help agents do well?
Atlanta broker-owner Amy McCoy joins Dr. Lee Davenport for a discussion of community advocacy and housing equity
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Swag it out: Using on-demand printing to create your own merch
Merch isn’t just for rock bands and YouTubers. Here’s how to create an on-demand product line to promote your real estate business
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Does this financial analyst have an economic crystal ball?
Could an obscure chart provide a roadmap for investment? Bernice Ross talks with money mentor Chris Naugle about a little-known pattern of economic trends dating back to the 19th century
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Am I too old to post on Instagram?
Instagram isn't just for 21-year-old would-be models. Sue 'Pinky' Benson shares why Gen-X is the fastest-growing group on the platform and why you should be there, too
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You owe it to yourself to challenge buyer love letter misinformation
Question misconceptions and challenge the status quo to put this powerful buyer tool to work for your hopeful clients
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WATCH: The right lender can make buyer love letters obsolete
Not crazy about buyer love letters? A great lender can reach out to the listing agent on a buyer's behalf to offer information and reassurance
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The agent's guide to crafting a winning unique value proposition
Your unique value proposition is more than just a catchy slogan. It’s a powerful way to differentiate yourself from your competition
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Zillow, Elon Musk, bombshell commission suits: Inman's Top 5
Wondering what you missed? Find out with Inman's Top 5 most-read stories of the week
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Your Inbox Zero obsession won't make you a better agent
In his first column for Inman, Jay Papasan, the co-author of 'The One Thing,' says that while Inbox Zero is held up as a productivity ideal, it's not necessary for streamlined email management
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Tick, tick, boom: The Download on the bombshell commission suit
This week: We move a step closer to the courtroom as the bombshell lawsuit's judge sets a window for scheduling the upcoming trial
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Will AI replace real estate agents?
While AI has the potential to automate and certainly enhance many aspects of the real estate industry, it is unlikely to replace human agents completely anytime soon
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Broker Spotlight: Grant Ludwick, Matt Robinson and Nick Wilhite; The Agency Bend
These real estate brokers say they're building a disruptive brokerage based on their bullish belief in their Oregon market
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Learn the strategies of this self-proclaimed ‘door-knocking champ’
As community life and face-to-face interactions become more rare, door-knocking as a lead generation and nurturing tool becomes even more powerful
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4 big takeaways from Inman's first-ever property technology survey
Tech stacks can be a challenge and the cost of keeping up with new technology can be a burden, RAMUS Real Estate broker-owner Erica Ramus writes in response to our inaugural proptech poll
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