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In this exclusive video interview, luxury real estate legends Joyce Rey and Jade Mills share secrets to their success — with a little Hollywood gossip on the side
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In this exclusive video interview, Schneider explains how digital real estate experiences are becoming more common and why that matters to agents
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Catch up on all of the 2020 Inman Connect New York sessions and speakers
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WATCH: Joe Rand rips New York City's flawed sales data practices
The managing partner of Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty said at ICNY that he believes New York City's market improved when brokerages started sharing active listing data. Now they need to fix the sales data black hole
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WATCH: Bright MLS chairman calls for more data sharing, consolidation
Jon Coile, who is also a vice president at HomeServices of America, said at ICNY that today's boundaries around MLS data make little sense
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WATCH: Data as a competitive advantage
With so many companies investing in platforms and big data, what are the anticipated differentiating factors?
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WATCH: Startups that use big data
Providing actionable insight through data offers a faster path to results
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WATCH: Data cap is more important than market cap
By using data in a smart way, agents and brokerages can increase profitability
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WATCH: Digital marketing trends from top agents
Top agents will quadruple their peers in digital marketing spend, and they also expect to spend more on brand awareness than lead generation
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WATCH: What are the data trends for the new decade?
Industry experts unpacked the data trends that are reshaping the real estate industry as a new decade begins at ICNY
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WATCH: Pocket listing ban will have 'huge impact on consumers'
A pair of industry leaders argued Thursday that NAR's recently approved Clear Cooperation Policy will ultimately be good for everyone
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WATCH: Marketing through new digital mediums
Consumers are gravitating to mobile phones, while new tech, like voice interfaces and smart TVs, are on the rise as well
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WATCH: Build a database that yields million-dollar deals
At Inman Connect New York, brothers and luxury agents Roh and Ramin Habibi shared how robust client databases keep their multimillion-dollar businesses going
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WATCH: Is seamless data connection possible?
At ICNY, connecting big data to disparate systems remains big business and a big challenge, but attendees were reminded about what's at the heart of the deal
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WATCH: Marketing insight from the world beyond real estate
'The community aspect has always been really critical,' Grace Ouma-Cabezas said at this year's Inman Connect New York
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Breaking into the luxury property market takes a lot of money, but there's one marketing factor discussed by experts at ICNY that may be overlooked
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