NextHome CEO on the 'stupidest' part of the commission settlement
NextHome CEO James Dwiggins spoke at the inaugural Inman Connect Miami on Tuesday, arguing that clinging to the current status quo when it comes to commissions is a recipe for disaster
by Jim Dalrymple II May 21
Is now the time to become a flat-fee or limited-service broker?
With commissions up in the air, is it time for some agents to explore alternative compensation models? Clever's Luke Babich weighs the options for those considering making a move
by Luke Babich May 21
Hot themes for Vegas: Buyer representation and commissions
Don't-miss sessions at Inman Connect Las Vegas this summer include those built around value propositions, commission negotiations and the evolution of buyer agency
by Alex Sacay May 21
3 indie real estate brokerages that are breaking the mold
Pushing boundaries and changing the status quo, these 3 independent brokerages offer ideas for moving your own business forward
by Diana Zaya May 21
Why buyer representation should matter so much to sellers
Managing broker and new Inman contributor Cassie Walker Johnson writes that in the evolving real estate market, investing in buyer agent compensation benefits everyone
Guidance or steering? Red flags of giving professional advice
Understanding the difference between steering and providing meaningful advice to clients is essential for navigating the future of real estate, mega team leader Carl Medford writes
by Carl Medford May 20
Share your expertise: Take the Inman Intel Index survey for May
The Inman Intel Index goes beyond sentiment and trends by tapping into the real estate industry's most engaged community. Add your voice to real estate's most ambitious monthly survey today
by Daniel Houston May 20
Inside the lock-in effect: Cheap mortgages weigh on US consumers
Homeowners with at least a 5% mortgage rate are 3 times as likely to enter the market soon as those with a sub-3.5% rate, according to results from Inman-Dig Insights' latest consumer poll
by Daniel Houston May 20
At NAR midyear, 'the media' was cast as the villain — repeatedly
NAR's legal team, president and chief economist defended the group's cooperative compensation rule and used journalists as a scapegoat repeatedly during midyear panels earlier this month
by Andrea V. Brambila May 20
How commission changes could lead to transactional transparency
This journey is not without its challenges, broker Bob Mathew writes, but the rewards — enhanced transparency, consumer trust and a more competitive marketplace — are worth the effort
by Bob Mathew May 18
What are you supposed to tell your clients now? The Download
In the face of so much rapid change and an often-frustrating lack of clarity from The Powers That Be, what the heck are you supposed to tell your buyers and sellers now?
by Christy Murdock May 17
Redfin expands new compensation plan to agents in 25 more markets
With the expansion, Redfin Next is now available to agents in 36 markets nationwide, according to an announcement Friday. Redfin execs said the plan has 'proven to be even better' than expected
by Marian McPherson May 17
Here's how you're preparing for upcoming industry changes: Pulse
Last week, we asked what steps you're taking to get ready for settlement approvals and impending rule changes
by Inman May 15
camera, livestream, video, video camera
On the heels of the National Association of Realtors’ midyear meeting, broker-owner Teresa Boardman wonders why NAR doesn’t livestream (and engage) more members
by Teresa Boardman May 15
Sitzer judge indicates his support for proposed NAR settlement
Judge Stephen R. Bough said payouts and practice changes in NAR's deal, added to those in the Keller Williams, Anywhere and RE/MAX settlements, represent 'substantial benefits' for sellers
by Andrea V. Brambila May 14
10 answers to the questions confused sellers are asking now
The changing real estate landscape and media misinformation are creating confusion for homesellers. Mega-team leader Carl Medford lays out the facts so you can educate clients
by Carl Medford May 14
What agents and brokers really want to tell each other: Intel survey
Agents and brokers talk. A lot. But what's left unsaid may be nearly as important. Intel analyzed survey responses of hundreds of real estate professionals for insights into an unbreakable bond
by Daniel Houston May 13
Judge approves Keller Williams, Anywhere, RE/MAX settlements
The ruling by Judge Stephen R. Bough on Thursday resolves antitrust claims in the Sitzer | Burnett, Moehrl and Nosalek commission cases. However, it won't quash other existing suits from buyers
Judge rejects homebuyer motion to block commission settlements
Plaintiffs in the commission suit known as Batton 1 had requested a temporary restraining order Wednesday to prevent final approval of the Keller Williams, Anywhere and RE/MAX settlements
Buyers seek surprise injunction to halt commission suit settlements
The plaintiffs in a suit known as Batton 1 have filed for a temporary restraining order preventing the final approval of the Keller Williams, Anywhere and RE/MAX settlements
'Godspeed': Enforcement of NAR settlement changes shifts to MLSs
At the Realtors Legislative Meetings earlier this week, MLS executives were told they would be responsible for making sure real estate agents and brokers follow the new commission rules
How to ignore the legal drama and focus on the opportunity
While you need to be aware of the changes going on in the industry, CEO Verl Workman writes, you also need to make sure to keep your focus on what you can control
by Verl Workman May 8
What if NAR went away? Examining the catastrophic potential
Although it may seem righteous to dismantle the institution that NAR has built, brokerage founder Sean Frank writes, the collapse of NAR could mean the end of the industry as we know it
by Sean Frank May 8
Did NAR's buyer contract info clarify? Here's what you said
With questions of agency, agreements and compensation on the line, we asked you to let us know: Did NAR's clarification provide the insight you need? Here's what you had to say
by Inman May 7 CEO delivers full-throated speech in support of NAR CEO Damian Eales took to the podium on Monday at the MLS Forum of the Realtors Legislative Meetings to refute rival CoStar's earlier claims about's growing traffic
10 answers to the questions confused buyers are asking now
Realtors and buyers are both confused right now, writes mega-team leader Carl Medford. To help buyers sort out the mess, here are our top 10 answers for buyer questions
by Carl Medford May 7
Redfin to pay $9.25M to settle commission lawsuits
Compass, The Real Brokerage, Realty One Group, At World Properties and Douglas Elliman have reached agreements in the case, and the court has preliminarily approved those settlements
by Taylor Anderson May 6
NAR President fields questions at midyear: 'Everything's on the table'
At the Realtors Legislative Meetings on Sunday, National Association of Realtors President Kevin Sears spontaneously fielded questions about the trade group's proposed antitrust settlement
Intel Broker’s Guide: When a seller won't foot the buyer's agent bill
Powered by the latest polling results from the Inman Intel Index, this wide-ranging guide explores how brokerages are steeling themselves for a new type of client: the buyer's-fee-evading seller
by Daniel Houston May 6
Plan if you must, but prepare for the unexpected
Real estate professionals have survived upheaval and change in the past, and we'll do so again, broker-owner Teresa Boardman writes, even if we don't yet know quite how
by Teresa Boardman May 4
NAR commission settlement rules will go into effect in August
The massive trade organization promised in March to make various policy changes as part of a landmark settlement. The rules will now roll out slightly later than expected
by Jim Dalrymple II May 3
How agents can rise to the top of their market in the next 90 days
Real estate coach Jonathan Lack shares insights for what agents can do in the next 30, 60 and 90 days to perform at a higher level in the wake of commission lawsuit settlements
Start your engines for NAR's new rules of the road: The Download
This week we got our first glimpse into some of the practical, procedural changes that we'll see in the aftermath of NAR's commission lawsuit settlement
by Christy Murdock May 3
How to own your value in a post-NAR settlement world
As we move forward together, eXp's Kendall Bonner writes, demonstrating a higher level of knowledge and expertise is essential for conveying your worth to potential clients
Viral 'save-the-day' TikTok trend turns every day into a good one
If your bad days are stacking up and you're spiraling as a result, this simple life hack might just save your sanity along with the day
by Rachael Hite May 3
Bad at math? Let David Childers illuminate the latest data
Keeping Current Matters CEO David Childers and Jimmy Burgess discuss why a relevant market opinion based on facts, not fears, is key for educating consumers and navigating industry changes
by Jimmy Burgess May 2
HomeServices hit by buyer commission lawsuit in Florida
The class action suit filed by plaintiff James Lutz alleges that HomeServices, other NAR members, fixed commissions, which misled buyers and resulted in them paying inflated home prices
How buyer agents can level up amid commission uncertainty
Buyer's agents have a critical responsibility to be the best they can be, new Inman contributor Filippo Incorvaia writes, as they navigate industry changes and advocate for themselves
Growth in residential, rental and mortgage segments lift Zillow in Q1
Zillow tallied growing revenue while stabilizing losses in the first quarter of the year as the reigning search portal narrowed in on its post-commission settlement strategy on Wednesday
by Marian McPherson May 1
NAR clarifies when a buyer contract will be required under settlement
In an email, the 1.5M member trade group specified when agents would have to have signed written agreements with buyers, but stressed NAR would not dictate the agreements' terms
Agents say their brokerage has their back amid commission mess
The NAR settlement shook the industry, but agents overwhelmingly told the Inman Intel Index they believe their brokerage has been an effective ally. It's a big win for brokerage training efforts
by Daniel Houston May 1
6 steps that transform neglected clients into lifelong partners
Staying in touch with past clients and 'orphans' long after closing could be the key to a lifetime of repeat and referral opportunities. Coach Darryl Davis offers a strategy to help you reconnect
by Darryl Davis May 1
Zillow to offer short-term 'non-exclusive' touring contracts
The new touring agreements will last 7 days and are a response to terms contained in recent commission lawsuit settlements
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 30
Court grants preliminary approval of settlements with firms in Gibson
The court has granted plaintiffs' motion for preliminary approval of settlements proffered by Compass, The Real Brokerage, Realty One Group, At World Properties and Douglas Elliman
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 30
KW CEO predicts headwinds for indie model amid NAR settlement
Keller Williams president and CEO Mark Willis spoke about his return to the Texas franchiser and how commission lawsuits could spark an intense round of brokerage and agent consolidation
by Marian McPherson Apr 30
12 factors that convince a buyer to pay a full-service commission
Expressing your value to clients begins with knowing yourself, writes mega-team leader Carl Medford. You cannot articulate what you have never taken the time to determine on your own
by Carl Medford Apr 30
Navigate disruption with Inman's new Commission Chronicles digest
Each Tuesday, Inman will guide Select subscribers through the new normal of making money and thriving in the aftermath of the National Association of Realtors' historic commission settlement
by Inman Apr 30
The good, bad and ugly: Rating the media's commission coverage
After the National Association of Realtors announced its proposed commission settlement in March, mainstream media covered the historic news with mixed results, an Inman analysis shows
by Taylor Anderson Apr 30
Don’t let your feelings or bank account dictate your value
If you're having trouble conveying your value to clients, it may be because you don't believe in it yourself. Coach Darryl Davis provides the pep talk you need to take center stage as a client coach and advocate
by Darryl Davis Apr 30
Douglas Elliman settles commission suits for up to $17.75M
The proposed deal would resolve antitrust claims brought by homesellers but not homebuyers
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 29
The factors that won your first listing are the same ones that will be integral in winning over buyers, writes TowerHill Realty CEO Patrick Kilner
by Patrick Kilner Apr 29
Is NAR a net-positive? It depends if you ask an agent or a broker: Intel
An increasing uncertainty among real estate agents in March runs in opposition to brokers, who were more likely to tell Intel they still view the National Association of Realtors positively
by Taylor Anderson Apr 29
Underperforming agents are getting a real estate reality check
As the commission landscape changes, Side's Hilary Saunders writes, it's time for agents, teams and brokerages to look at the ways this will improve the industry's reputation
by Hilary Saunders Apr 29
As settlements move forward, get back in the saddle: The Download
With preliminary approval of NAR's deal and a new settlement proposal from HomeServices of America, can we finally all get back to business?
by Christy Murdock Apr 27
Court movements, FAQ answers, ticking clocks: Inman Top 5
Looking for a quick catch-up on the buzziest stories of the week? Here’s Inman Top 5, the most essential stories, according to Inman readers
by Dani Vanderboegh Apr 26
HomeServices of America agrees to pay $250M to settle lawsuits
HomeServices was potentially on the hook for the remaining $4.7B in damages from an Oct. 31 jury verdict in Sitzer | Burnett, which awarded plaintiffs $5.3B
by Taylor Anderson Apr 26
A never-fail, step-by-step blueprint to consistently find listing leads
Change is coming, so it's time to make sure you're leaning into the potential of a listings-based business, Jimmy Burgess writes. Nothing helps do that better than geographic farming
by Jimmy Burgess Apr 26
Anywhere's revenue holds steady in Q1 amid 'tough' housing market
Generated revenue remained flat at $1.1B from the same period a year ago while the franchisor improved net losses by 27% year over year to a loss of $101M, according to a Thursday earnings call
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 25
Sitzer | Burnett judge consolidates 2 nationwide commission suits
The Gibson and Umpa cases allege Berkshire Hathaway Energy, eXp, Redfin, Weichert, United Real Estate, Douglas Elliman, HomeSmart and others conspired against homesellers nationwide
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 25
Decades of NAR membership data has vanished amid enrollment dip
Each month, the trade group publicly reports the size of its ranks and other data on its official website. But as recently as this month, state-by-state and national data is nowhere to be found
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 24
Sign a buyer brokerage agreement to see a property? No way!
Buyers and sellers are confused about the new rules of the road. Trainer Bernice Ross and Jeff Lobb discuss how agents can change up the conversation and add clarity and confidence
by Bernice Ross Apr 24
Here are your thoughts on the changing role of listing agents
You shared your back-in-the-saddle, boots-on-the-ground perspectives now that NAR's settlement has received preliminary approval
by Inman Apr 24
CoStar Group tallies Q1 revenue growth on success of
CoStar Group's revenue grew 12% year over year to $656M in Q1, according to earnings released Tuesday. CEO Andy Florance credited the change to's traffic, subscription growth
by Marian McPherson Apr 23
Sitzer judge grants preliminary approval for NAR settlement
Judge Stephen R. Bough ruled that the sweeping changes NAR agreed to were 'fair, reasonable and adequate' and set a final approval hearing for November
by Taylor Anderson Apr 23
5 tips for navigating times of frustration and uncertainty
Whether it's commission lawsuit settlements or life in general that's causing your stress, broker-owner Pam Blair offers insight to help you come out stronger on the other side
by Pam Blair Apr 23
60-day clock begins for brokerages seeking to opt into $418M NAR deal
Sitzer | Burnett plaintiffs on Friday asked the court to preliminarily approve the proposed deal. Brokerages and MLSs that were left out initially will have to take action by June 18 to be covered
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 22
Real estate brokers didn't fear the lawsuits — until NAR settled: Intel
Anxiety around commissions leaped to the top of the worries brokerage leaders face, pushing down concerns around inventory and competition, according to Inman Intel Index survey results
by Daniel Houston Apr 22
7 strategies to turn today’s bad economic news into more deals
Frustrated and anxious about economic conditions? Trainer Bernice Ross writes that, instead of waiting for change, agents can move forward with confidence by following these strategies
by Bernice Ross Apr 19
Agents maneuver a labyrinthine legal landscape: The Download
There's been a heapin' helpin' of new developments in the commission lawsuits. Here's how to pivot and  be ready for whatever comes next
by Christy Murdock Apr 19
'The sky is not falling': Fighting fear and frustration post-settlement
Nick Schlekeway looks at the consumer, governmental and industry forces that led to the post-settlement landscape and the opportunities they present for those willing to move forward
by Nick Schlekeway Apr 19
Build bridges with these answers to frequent NAR settlement queries
Don't get defensive and burn bridges when you talk about recent settlements. Jimmy Burgess shares talking points to educate sellers and the public about the state of your business
by Jimmy Burgess Apr 19
Still standing: Realtor resilience for challenging times
Need a pep talk? Coach Darryl Davis offers a little wisdom to help you remember your value and navigate the difficult waters of client service
by Darryl Davis Apr 18
Homebuyers emboldened in wake of $418M NAR settlement: Intel poll
Clients believe their agents bring value, and they're willing to pay for it, according to a survey of 3,000 employed US residents conducted by Intel and Dig Insights. But many consumers embrace the idea of negotiating a lower commission — and perhaps exploring new models
by Daniel Houston Apr 17
Pulte objects to Sitzer | Burnett settlements: What's in it for me?
US homebuilder PulteGroup said it should have been provided with a plan to distribute claims so that it can estimate its recovery amount. But that document doesn't appear to exist
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 17
Here are the craziest things you've heard about commissions: Pulse
There's a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding out there. Here are the wildest things you've heard about commissions so far
by Inman Apr 17
What agents do post-settlement will define Real Estate 3.0
Two major real estate market transformations defined the past 50 years, writes CEO Patrick Kilner. Are we ready for whatever comes next?
by Patrick Kilner Apr 16
Federal courts hand HomeServices a win (and a loss) in Sitzer | Burnett
The US Supreme Court denied the real estate franchisor's request for consideration on Monday, but the plaintiffs won't be able to lay $4.7B in damages at HomeServices' feet — at least not yet
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 15
Agents feel the pain as BoomTown outage extends into another week
Since April 10, brokerage websites across the country have been dark as BoomTown scrambles to resolve service disruptions. The outage has already impacted the bottom line, agents told Inman
by Taylor Anderson Apr 15
Ditch generic marketing: Convey your value with storytelling
Forget the infographics, lists and pie charts, broker Teresa Boardman writes. Instead, tell a compelling story about how you've helped your clients
by Teresa Boardman Apr 15
Will lawsuits end 6% commissions? Probably not, 1 law professor says
A provision in NAR's settlement barring listing agents from offering buyer agents compensation is 'largely symbolic,' USC professor Jordan Barry said Friday at a University of Minnesota conference
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 15
Judges decline to 'centralize' commission lawsuits for now
A panel of judges considering whether to consolidate real estate commission lawsuits into one cited the recent NAR settlement as a reason to deny the request
by Taylor Anderson Apr 12
30 listing lead generation ideas for a post-NAR settlement market
If you want to build the listing side of your business in the wake of the NAR settlement, Jimmy Burgess has 30 practical, actionable, doable strategies tailor-made for this moment
by Jimmy Burgess Apr 11
R New York becomes 1st big brokerage to join NAR challenger
With the addition, roughly 800 agents will boost Jason Haber and Mauricio Umansky's American Real Estate Association membership by nearly 30% to about 3,800 members
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 10
How NAR's settlement threatens Black Realtors and homebuyers
This is a moment in history when NAREB and our leaders must stand up for justice and equality, writes Dr. Courtney Johnson Rose, president of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers
Brokers brace for NAR settlement to drive commissions south: Intel
A $418M settlement in March by NAR caught agents and leaders by surprise. In a mixed bag of responses to the latest Intel Index poll, they shared their early reactions and existential fears
by Daniel Houston Apr 10
Here are the commission questions your clients are asking now: Pulse
We asked you to share with us the commission questions your clients have and how you're explaining the lawsuit fallout
by Inman Apr 10
WATCH: How agent compensation works in a post-lawsuit world
James Dwiggins and Keith Robinson discuss the shifting landscape of agent compensation following the proposed NAR settlement with Ed Zorn, VP and general counsel for CRMLS
by James Dwiggins Apr 9
New release Harvist offers another option for lead farming
The company referenced a pending legal settlement that could change the way agents and brokerages make money, emphasizing the importance of communicating value to consumers
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 8
Real Brokerage agrees to pay $9.25M to settle commission suits
The Real Brokerage agreed to change business operations as part of its proposed settlement agreement in Umpa v. NAR
by Taylor Anderson Apr 8
Possibility, probability and paradox after NAR's settlement: DelPrete
Getting distracted by remote possibilities in the face of uncertainty keeps you from focusing on the facts, writes Mike DelPrete
by Mike DelPrete Apr 8
Forget the NAR settlement. New development transactions still pay
As brokerages pivot to specialized training meant to empower buyer agents, new-home sales still provide plenty of opportunities for intrepid Realtors, development specialist Hana Cha writes
by Hana Cha Apr 8
Barbara Corcoran just handed real estate a chill pill: The Download
Real estate maven Barbara Corcoran tells the industry to calm down following the furor over NAR's commission lawsuit settlement
by Christy Murdock Apr 5
Corcoran, commission, cases: Inman's Top 5 stories this week
Looking for a quick catch-up on the buzziest stories of the week? Here’s Inman Top 5, the most essential stories, according to Inman readers
by Dani Vanderboegh Apr 5
It's up to you to make lemonade out of a sour NAR settlement situation
Consumers have been given a front-row seat to the chaos unfolding in our industry, Rachael Hite writes. As the situation unravels, who will make lemonade and who will feast on sour grapes?
by Rachael Hite Apr 5
HomeServices tells court it's too early for $4.7B Sitzer ruling
The Berkshire Hathaway affiliate says final judgment in the case shouldn't come before settlements are finalized, a process the franchisor does not expect to be 'uncontroversial'
How great agents win in the face of NAR settlement misinformation
Consumer misconceptions post-NAR settlement are wild. Jimmy Burgess talks to Keeping Current Matters CEO David Childers on how to communicate with today's buyers and sellers
by Jimmy Burgess Apr 4
New commission lawsuit in New York may draw FTC attention
The antitrust case from homebuyer and homeseller Hao Zhe Wang alleges MLS and broker services are illegally tied
NAR's settlement paints a murky commission picture for consumers
CEO Sean Frank writes that an unintended consequence of new MLS changes is that real estate transactions become less transparent to the buyers and sellers they're meant to serve
by Sean Frank Apr 2
What today's high-performance teams know (and now you do, too)
Author and trainer Bernice Ross and Verl Workman, co-founder of Workman Success Systems, discuss the strategies top-producing teams are leaning into now
by Bernice Ross Apr 1
Agents brace for impact: A future with more unrepresented buyers
Some think the National Association of Realtors' $418M settlement will prompt more homebuyers to transact without agents. Inman asked industry professionals how they'll handle that situation
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 1
Bad reputation: 3 shifts that cloud the public's perception of agents
Mega team leader Carl Medford points to several massive shifts that have caused the current commission crisis and the path he sees forward
by Carl Medford Apr 1
The 'Chick-fil-A on Sunday' ChatGPT listing presentation plan
Follow this step-by-step listing presentation blueprint from Jimmy Burgess, and your listing appointments will be like Chick-fil-A on a Sunday — closed
by Jimmy Burgess Mar 29
Barbara Corcoran on the $418M NAR settlement: It's 'not a big deal'
Corcoran told Yahoo! Finance Wednesday she doesn't believe the effects of the settlement will be as earth-shattering as many make them out to be, but that 'the confusion it's causing is amazing'
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 29
T3 Sixty nixes this year's Mega 1000 list in wake of NAR settlement
The move comes 2 weeks after the National Association of Realtors signaled a $418M settlement of commission lawsuits. T3 Sixty said it will bring the ranking back when litigation is resolved
by Jim Dalrymple II Mar 29
Will uncertainty drive agents out? Maybe — but don’t let it be you
After the National Association of Realtors' proposed settlement, Coldwell Banker Realty president and CEO Kamini Lane offers 3 tips for agents amid commission compression chaos
by Kamini Lane Mar 29
Moehrl trial shifts to early 2025 as HomeServices keeps skin in game
The plaintiffs and defendants in the antitrust commission case indicated they would be available for a 3- to 4-week trial beginning Jan. 21, 2025, according to court filings earlier this week
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 28
Value over discount: 8 tips for navigating post-NAR settlement
Explore how to transcend discounting and enhance value in response to the NAR settlement with strategic consultant Chris Pollinger
by Chris Pollinger Mar 27
NAR's settlement could impact women more than men. Here's why
Women in real estate are already earning about 60% less than men. Rachael Hite looks at the latest wage gap data and explores how commission compression could widen that gap
by Rachael Hite Mar 27
7 crisis management tips for handling commission uncertainty
The critical difference between survival and downfall during turbulent times, including the commission lawsuits, is effective crisis management, Keller Williams' Julia Lashay Isreal writes
buying beverly hills, netflix, ben belack, the agency
The Agency's Ben Belack shares his thoughts on NAR settlement news, the current industry landscape and the American Real Estate Association ahead of Season 2 of the reality TV show
by Dani Vanderboegh Mar 26
Let's debunk 7 mainstream media falsehoods, post-NAR settlement
Premier Sotheby’s International Realty President and CEO Budge Huskey corrects the record on commissions — and the potential impact of the NAR settlement on buyers, sellers and agents
by Budge Huskey Mar 25
Moehrl attorney: Market shift after NAR settlement 'will take time'
Robby Braun, partner at Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, addresses 'misconceptions' about the NAR deal's impact and says Realtors who try to ignore the changes 'will get left behind'
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 25
Amid commission chaos, talk turns to ongoing gripe: clueless agents
Leaders at many brokerages say a lack of serious agents with a full-time commitment is a drag on the industry. Intel asks whether this might change in the wake of the latest settlements
by Daniel Houston Mar 25
NAR settlement fallout: Here's Inman's Top 5 stories of the week
Looking for a quick catch-up on the buzziest stories of the week? Here’s Inman Top 5, the most essential stories, according to Inman readers
by Dani Vanderboegh Mar 22
NAR (and now Compass) settled. Y'all had thoughts: The Download
Real estate professionals respond in the aftermath of NAR's big commission lawsuit settlement and Compass' brand new one
by Christy Murdock Mar 22
Compass to pay $57.5M to settle commission lawsuits
The news comes 1 week after NAR's whopping $418M settlement was announced. Compass also agreed to make some minor changes to its business practices as part of the settlement
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 22
Redfin expands new compensation plan to 7 more markets
Redfin Next is available to agents in 7 major markets across the South, Midwest and East Coast. Redfin execs say it will help them navigate market 'ups and downs,' including NAR's settlement
by Marian McPherson Mar 21
We asked ChatGPT about agent value. Its answers may surprise you
ChatGPT answered questions about the value a real estate agent has and about how real estate commissions work. Do you agree with its answers?
by Rachael Hite Mar 21
Online course aims to prep buyer agents for real estate wild west
Kaplan’s new Buyer Agency Professional course aims to help buyer agents negotiate the ways they are compensated
by Ben Verde Mar 21
Who's out: The brokerages not covered in the NAR settlement
More than 90 brokerages would not be covered under the $418M deal, though most have the option of buying in
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 20
After the NAR settlement, 5 keys to buyer relationship marketing
Agents who see the changes coming and adapt to the new reality by cementing their relationships will be in a position to seize the day as market winds shift, mega-team leader Carl Medford writes
by Carl Medford Mar 20
Before NAR settlement, headcount hopes were losing steam: Intel
Most brokerage leaders in February still expected to be better-staffed this time next year, the Intel Index found. But that optimism was weakening even before NAR's $418M settlement Friday
by Daniel Houston Mar 20
How commission chaos divided the real estate industry into 4 factions
The verdict in the monumental Sitzer | Burnett commission case in Missouri — plus oversight by federal regulators — has splintered the industry as it scrambles to figure out how to move forward
by Taylor Anderson Mar 20
Take the Inman Intel Index survey for March
The Inman Intel Index goes beyond sentiment and trends by tapping into the real estate industry's most engaged community. Add your voice to the industry's most ambitious monthly survey today
by Chris LeBarton Mar 20
Court weighs $4.7B Sitzer ruling against last holdout HomeServices
Sitzer | Burnett plaintiffs asked the court to order the Berkshire Hathaway affiliate to pay most of the nearly $5.4B damages award after NAR, Keller Williams, Anywhere and RE/MAX settle
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 19
Agents storm TikTok with flood of complaints after NAR settlement
Since Friday, real estate agents have been arguing on the video sharing platform that the recent commission suit settlement is likely to hurt both homebuyers and the agents who represent them
by Jim Dalrymple II Mar 19
NAR's $418M settlement throws a wrench at the MLS. So now what?
If the proposed settlement is approved, multiple listing services will be forced to nix the buyer commission field by July. Now is the time to prepare, writes author and trainer Bernice Ross
by Bernice Ross Mar 19
NAR settlement may disrupt mortgage partner agent programs
If homebuyers are no longer willing to pay full commissions to agents, what happens to lender programs that incentivize consumers to work with partner real estate agents?
by Matt Carter Mar 18
Over 60% of agents have been recruited so far this year: Intel
Most agents say they've heard from competitor brokerages in recent weeks. Intel examines what's on their mind as they decide whether to stay — or bolt
by Chris LeBarton Mar 18
NAR agrees to sweeping changes in $418M commission settlement
NAR would agree not to create rules that allow listing agents to set compensation for buyer brokers as part of the settlement. HomeServices of America not included in the deal
by Taylor Anderson Mar 15
Sitzer | Burnett plaintiffs' attorneys ask for a third of settlement payout
After 5 years and nearly 100K hours of work, the law firms are asking a federal court for $82M of the proposed settlements to be paid by Anywhere, Keller Williams and RE/MAX
Baird & Warner at center of latest commission lawsuit filed in Illinois
Two consumers filed the class-action suit in the Circuit Court of Cook County. Unlike similar cases, the latest seeks to represent buyers and sellers — and only names Baird & Warner as a defendant
by Jim Dalrymple II Mar 7
Howard Hanna dismissed from mother of all commission suits
Howard Hanna had been one of several defendants in a case known as Batton 2, which was brought by homebuyers and has a much larger scope than some better-known cases
by Jim Dalrymple II Mar 6
Berkshire Hathaway Energy added to growing Gibson commission suit
Amended complaint alleges Warren Buffett's company abused the trust inspired by his name to encourage homesellers to use HomeServices and further alleged price-fixing conspiracy
Defendant, plaintiffs in Nosalek commission case unite against DOJ
Defendant MLS PIN and plaintiffs Jennifer Nosalek, Randy Hirschorn and Tracey Hirschorn asked a district court judge for permission to respond to a statement of interest the DOJ filed in the case
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 28
Buyer agency contracts riddled with 'unfair' terms, CFA declares
The Consumer Federation of America, a watchdog group, examined 43 contracts from 37 states, most from state or local Realtor associations, and found practices it believes worthy of scrutiny
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 28
Redfin in crosshairs as new lawsuit targets buyer-broker commissions
California resident Andrea Freedlund is suing on behalf of homesellers who paid a buyer agent in the 4 years before Redfin announced it was leaving NAR, according to a suit filed in federal court
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 27
Brokerages, lenders anticipate big recruitment push in 2024: Triple-I
Approximately 28% of brokerage leaders believe 'recruiting and retaining talent' will be their most challenging responsibility 1 year from now, according to results from the Inman Intel Index survey
by Chris LeBarton Feb 26
NAR breaks silence on DOJ call to decouple commissions
Consumer watchdog CFA hails federal agency's proposal to ban sellers from making compensation offers as a 'major watershed' in promoting more competition in real estate
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 23
NAR: Commission suit insurance coverage ran out 'some time ago'
There are no funds under NAR's policy available to pay for the cost of defending the Realtor associations nor their multiple listing services which have been sued, according to the trade group
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 21
Objection-handling scripts for the buyer representation agreement 
If you're rethinking your buyer consultation and implementing a buyer representation agreement, team leader Carl Medford shares what you need to know to explain the change to your clients
by Carl Medford Feb 21
HomeServices dropped from long-running buyer commission lawsuit
The court dismissed a federal antitrust claim in the case known as Batton 1, but allowed state-law claims to proceed, partially due to the argument that commissions are baked into home prices
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 21
Tomorrow’s problem? Not for these Sitzer-spooked brokerages: Triple-I
More than 1 in 4 agents say their brokerage has changed its policy on buyer agency agreements, and fallout from commission suits has already taken a toll, according to Inman Intel Index results
by Daniel Houston Feb 21
Nevada homeseller files yet another commission lawsuit
Angela Boykin is suing over a home sale from 2022. Her case is the 2nd such recent lawsuit out of Nevada and adds to the growing number of cases that have followed the Sitzer | Burnett verdict
by Jim Dalrymple II Feb 20
DOJ to Nosalek judge: Broker commissions should be decoupled
The Department of Justice said a proposed settlement in the major antitrust lawsuit might itself violate federal law and said buyers should negotiate their broker's commission directly
NAR halts 'presidential initiatives' for next 2 years amid turmoil
The trade group will not take on pet projects for the duration of NAR President Kevin Sears' tenure, which is slated to last until November 2025, he told NAR's Board of Directors Wednesday morning
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 15
How to justify your commission with a Buyer Bill of Rights
As the real estate landscape changes thanks to commission-related lawsuits, Carl Medford writes, pressure is being levied on buyer agents to demonstrate their value to potential clients
by Carl Medford Feb 13
Utah homeseller files commission lawsuit against NAR, 13 others
The complaint — one of nearly two dozen targeting real estate's commission-sharing structure — alleges 'most' buyer agents will steer clients away from listings that offer lower commission
by Taylor Anderson Feb 12
Chad Roffers dishes on a Sotheby's Concierge Auction record
The Sotheby's Concierge Auctions founder and CEO shared more about how the recent auction of 'La Dune' went down, as well as key reasons why luxury agents turn to the brand to get a deal done
NAR president: The DOJ is a 'bigger problem' than $1.8B Sitzer verdict
In remarks made in Boston that were later posted online, new NAR President Kevin Sears declared business will change for Realtors — whether they embrace it or have it 'forced down our throats'
Agents have real concerns — but commission rates aren't at the top
Despite ongoing commission lawsuits, agents are more concerned about the health of the real estate pie than the size of their own slice, results of the latest Inman Intel Index survey show
by Chris LeBarton Feb 7
HomeServices wants US Supreme Court to weigh Sitzer | Burnett case
The franchisor filed a petition to the Supreme Court requesting the review of an earlier appeals court ruling barring it from enforcing arbitration agreements signed by seller clients
Keller Williams settles Sitzer, Moehrl commission suits for $70M
Under the proposed deal, Keller Williams must inform franchisees that offers of compensation are not required. It also agreed to revise training materials and end rules requiring agents to join NAR
NAR CEO Nykia Wright appears — and disappears — in 'odd' new video
In a video that abruptly vanished from NAR's website Wednesday before resurfacing, Wright said the group does not set commissions — a practice it isn't currently being accused of — and welcomed competition from AREA
Long-serving HAR CEO Bob Hale announces his retirement
Hale has been with HAR since the 1970s, racking up a long list of accomplishments and awards along the way. René Galvan will succeed him as president and CEO
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 31
Pocket listing suit against NAR 'paused' for settlement talks
NAR was dismissed without paying any money or making any rule changes, but The PLS says it can reopen the case if they don't come to a deal
by Andrea V. Brambila Jan 30
Attorney lays out how real estate can survive the commission suits
At Inman Connect, Ed Zorn proposed mandating buyer representation agreements, killing the MLS compensation field, adding a concession field, and creating a fund to pay out settlements
by Andrea V. Brambila Jan 26
James Dwiggins
James Dwiggins argued at Inman Connect New York that commission lawsuits and pressure from the feds is going to bring about change in the real estate industry
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 23
Meet the French baker behind California's big commission suit
Gael Fierro co-wrote a movie for Amazon Prime and ran a business selling cannelés before he decided to sue over the sale of his home in Los Angeles
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 22
Ready to share your wisdom with the industry? The Triple-I survey is open
The Inman Intel Index goes beyond sentiment and trends by tapping into the real estate industry's most engaged community. Add your voice to the industry's most ambitious monthly survey today
by Chris LeBarton Jan 22
California commission lawsuit filed against NAR and 35 other entities
Homesellers allege 36 Realtor association, brokerage, and multiple listing service defendants conspired to inflate buyer broker commissions in violation of state and federal antitrust laws
by Andrea V. Brambila Jan 19
Court says $200B commission suit against NAR must go forward
A federal court judge denied a request from the defendants to suspend the case pending the outcome of post-trial motions after the Sitzer | Burnett verdict
by Andrea V. Brambila Jan 18
Homeseller sues Nevada Realtors, NAR after $40K commission bill
Las Vegas resident Nathaniel Whaley alleges the National Association of Realtors, the Northern Nevada Regional MLS and state and local Realtor groups conspired to inflate broker commissions
by Andrea V. Brambila Jan 17
9 must-do moves to dodge the agent exodus
If you want to be a top-performing agent in 2024 — one who stays for the long haul — prioritize skill development to best adapt to the changing market, coach Darryl Davis writes
by Darryl Davis Jan 16
Illinois' 3rd commission suit names @properties, champions buyers
A Chicago homeowner is the latest to allege NAR policies amounted to a conspiracy to keep commissions high for buyers, resulting in overpayment on the home purchase
by Taylor Anderson Jan 12
Latest homeseller suits in Arizona, New York target commission rules
Class-action complaints filed by Joseph Masiello and Robert Friedman join chorus of litigation nationwide objecting to trade group rules requiring sellers to offer compensation to buyer brokers
by Andrea V. Brambila Jan 11
James Dwiggins: NAR needs a top-down overhaul
Ahead of Inman Connect New York this month, the NextHome CEO said NAR serves an important function, but needs a major fix to deal with challenges related to leadership and commission suits
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 9
Agents are worth more than the current commission model
Agent, attorney, coach and yoga instructor Renee Fishman joins Bernice Ross to discuss the problems and opportunities provided by the ongoing commission debate
by Bernice Ross Jan 5
49% of agents sold either 1 home or none at all in the past year: CFA
Agent 'glut' means part-timers are now the majority, leading to 'widespread incompetence and pressure to maintain high commission rates,' according to the Consumer Federation of America
7 perks of seller-paid commission to share with homeowners
Transparency and communication are more important than ever before. Darryl Davis offers essential talking points for your next commission conversation with sellers
by Darryl Davis Jan 4
24 how-tos to help you start 2024 off with a bang
To formulate this list of how-tos to start the year off right, Inman's Service Editor Dani Vanderboegh rounded up the top advice and most-read contributors of 2023.
by Dani Vanderboegh Jan 3
A Maryland homeowner just filed yet another commission lawsuit
The case is the latest of numerous antitrust lawsuits that have emerged in the wake of the October verdict in Sitzer | Burnett. It names NAR, Compass, Redfin and others as defendants
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 29
How well do you remember 2023's biggest real estate stories?
Scandals, lawsuits, technology and more dominated the headlines in what turned out to be one of real estate's most eventful years in recent memory
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 29
From Sitzer to Moehrl, 2023 was the year of commission confusion
Sitzer | Burnett and its verdict cast a long shadow that will extend into 2024 and potentially shake up the real estate industry. But it wasn't the only lawsuit with commissions in the crosshairs
by Andrea V. Brambila Dec 28
NAR, franchisors ask for summary judgment in Moehrl suit
The National Association of Realtors, Keller Williams and HomeServices of America have all asked a federal judge in Illinois to rule in their favor before the Moehrl case goes to trial
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 20
Time for brokers, agents to bridge the Sitzer disconnect: LeBarton
Brokerages have been scrambling to get agents up to speed on commission lawsuits — but they may already be in deeper than broker-owners realize, Inman's Director of Research tells Intel
by Daniel Houston Dec 20
5 continuing education courses tailor-made for 2024
Keller Williams Head of Inclusion and Belonging Julia Lashay Israel shares her top picks for certifications, designations and resources that are perfect for the new year
Top 20 things Realtors really want for Christmas in 2023
Forget Cross pens and Starbucks gift cards. According to mega-team leader Carl Medford, here's what's really on the wishlist of every real estate pro right now
by Carl Medford Dec 18
NAR President: Commission changes will 'marginalize' buyers
NAR President Tracy Kasper appeared on CNBC's 'The Exchange' Thursday to discuss mortgage rates, affordability and the potential harm of changes to the current commission structure
by Marian McPherson Dec 15
Texas homesellers file new commission suit as cases pile up
The new suit is the second in Texas since the Sitzer | Burnett verdict, and is one of a growing number of antitrust cases challenging the way agents get paid
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 14
3 reasons you should be using a buyer agreement now
According to broker Joseph Santini, buyer agreements are good for buyers and good for buyer agents. Learn more about these valuable tools and how to get them signed
by Joseph Santini Dec 14
California homeseller who paid $50K in commissions files lawsuit
Christina Grace, a California resident who sold her home in Marin County, filed suit Friday against NAR, Compass and Keller Williams, among others, claiming she paid $50K in commissions
by Andrea V. Brambila Dec 12
Commission suits hit Realtors, brokerages in Florida, Pennsylvania
In separate lawsuits, homesellers allege the defendants — including Florida Realtors and West Penn MLS — conspired to enforce rules that inflated commissions on the sale of their homes
NAR argues against setting trial date in Moehrl commission suit
The trade group's attorney says NAR is 'still analyzing' the consequences of the Sitzer | Burnett verdict. Judge Andrea R. Wood says Moehrl is a 'different case' that will likely go to trial in Q4 2024
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 29
NAR directors confront power shift as executive committee steps up
At a Friday board meeting, a member of NAR's board of directors predicted 'less authority' in 2024 as the embattled trade group's growing Executive Committee shoulders more responsibility
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 20
Sitzer | Burnett defendants bulk up lawyer bench to prep for appeal
The National Association of Realtors and Keller Williams have hired former US solicitors general to help them beat back the multibillion-dollar verdict
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 17
NAR won't use lobbying chops for 'legislative fix' to commission suits
At a forum for reps of 50 large brokerage firms, The Realty Alliance CEO Craig Cheatham asked why the nearly 1.6M-member trade group can't use its political influence for an 'existential threat'
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 16
NAR: 'We have many grounds' to appeal the Sitzer | Burnett verdict
The National Association of Realtors laid out its arguments to overturn the ruling Tuesday. The plaintiffs' attorney said if the trade group doesn't change, it risks an injunction and DOJ wrath
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 15
New bombshell lawsuit targets Texas Realtor orgs, local teams
A homebuilder and holding company filed the case Monday. But unlike other suits against NAR, this one lists the Texas Association of Realtors and other local organizations as defendants
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 14
NAR will argue for 'complete reversal' of Sitzer | Burnett verdict
The National Association of Realtors' legal team on Monday blamed the ruling on the judge. The plaintiffs' attorney, meanwhile, said NAR hadn't 'learned anything' from its 'resounding defeat'
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 14
South Carolina homesellers latest in line to sue NAR, Keller Williams
A new commission lawsuit filed Monday seeking class-action status alleges sellers encountered 'illogical, harmful, irrational and anticompetitive effects' of NAR's cooperative compensation rule
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 10
Mother of all commission suits filed in Illinois, this time by homebuyers
'Batton 2,' exponentially larger in scope than Sitzer | Burnett and the Moehrl commission suits, was filed last week in Illinois and takes aim at many of the defendants in another suit called Gibson
Sitzer | Burnett plaintiffs' attorneys in talks with Department of Justice
Disrupting the National Association of Realtors' use of multiple listing services as a 'vehicle for higher commissions' is at the center of talks, lawyer Michael Ketchmark told Inman exclusively
Sitzer | Burnett closing arguments wrap as judgment day approaches
In a final push on Monday, attorneys for real estate franchisors and the National Association of Realtors argued that homesellers in the case failed to prove a conspiracy to inflate commissions
by Andrea V. Brambila Oct 31
Gary Keller takes stand in person as Sitzer | Burnett verdict nears
Keller Williams co-founder Gary Keller provided lengthy testimony Friday as the defense wrapped up a case to be decided by a Kansas City jury later this week
Redfin eliminates salaries, pivots to commission model in LA and SF
Redfin will still classify agents as employees but, beginning next year, will transition those in some California markets to an all-commission-based pay program
by Jim Dalrymple II Oct 25
Tom Ferry podcast video delivers fresh drama at Sitzer | Burnett trial
Plaintiffs’ attorney Michael Ketchmark played a video of a Tom Ferry interview with Allan Dalton of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices that drew objections and threatened to derail proceedings
by Andrea V. Brambila Oct 25
'Rabbit gets the gun': The essential guide to Week 1 of Sitzer | Burnett
Big names, heated exchanges and the emergence of homeseller plaintiffs on the stand dominated the first week of the Sitzer | Burnett commission trial in Kansas City, Missouri
by Jim Dalrymple II Oct 23
As objection handlers come under fire, these 7 ChatGPT ideas hold up
Although you need to be careful with ChatGPT, it can be a great resource for idea generation. We asked how to handle commission questions and got some surprisingly solid suggestions
by Christy Murdock Oct 20
Under their thumbs: The enigmatic homesellers behind Sitzer | Burnett
The plaintiffs in a class action antitrust suit challenging the industry’s commission structure took to the stand to make the case that the practice of homesellers paying buyer agents is 'unfair'
by Andrea V. Brambila Oct 19
Agent training, objection scripts on trial as Sitzer | Burnett ends Day 3
On Day 2 of witness testimony Wednesday, attorney Michael Ketchmark narrowed in on training materials and presentation slides he alleged violated antitrust policies held by the defendants
by Andrea V. Brambila Oct 18
Agents steer buyers to homes with better commissions, study claims
The study by a trio of researchers analyzed hundreds of thousands of listings and found that those offering lower commissions to buyers' agents received less attention and took longer to sell
by Jim Dalrymple II Oct 18
Gary Keller, Bob Goldberg among first to testify in Sitzer | Burnett
As the commission trial begins, the Kansas City courtroom saw opening arguments and testimony from industry leaders Keller, Goldberg and HomeServices of America CEO Gino Blefari
by Andrea V. Brambila Oct 17
Read the playbooks of NAR, Keller Williams ahead of Sitzer | Burnett
The National Association of Realtors, Keller Williams, HomeServices and its subsidiaries BHH Affiliates and HSF Affiliates submitted their trial briefs ahead of the antitrust trial in Kansas City
by Andrea V. Brambila Oct 17
Sitzer | Burnett: Live updates from the buyer-agent commission trial
The long-awaited Sitzer|Burnett commission trial is underway in Kansas City, Missouri, and Inman is covering it all live as it unfolds. Check back early and often for news, views, schedules and more
by Inman Oct 16
Full court press: What to know as the Sitzer | Burnett trial unfolds
The allegations, the high-profile witnesses slated to testify and all the evidence the jury will and won't see — it's all here as the long-awaited Sitzer | Burnett commission trial unfolds this week
by Andrea V. Brambila Oct 16
A reverse arrow on a street
An attorney for the Sitzer/Burnett homeseller plaintiffs calls the change a 'stunning admission of guilt' on the eve of a class-action trial set to start Oct. 16
DOJ intervention puts MLS commission settlement on ice
The homeseller plaintiffs agreed to a 2-month extension of deadlines related to a proposed deal with MLS PIN after the federal agency asked for time to assess the deal's 'competitive impact'
MLS commission settlement in jeopardy amid new DOJ 'concerns'
The Department of Justice's antitrust division on Thursday requested a 2-month deadline extension to review a proposed deal between homesellers and MLS PIN, a broker-owned multiple listing service
Canada flag Canadian flag
A federal judge struck down charges that defendants conspired to 'fix,' 'maintain' and 'increase' prices for buyer brokerage services, but allowed claims they sought to 'control' prices to proceed
by Andrea V. Brambila Sep 29
RE/MAX settles bombshell commission lawsuits for $55M
The deal resolves claims in both the Sitzer and Moehrl antitrust cases. The franchisor agreed to change its business practices, including 'no longer forcing homesellers to pay buyer’s agents'
by Andrea V. Brambila Sep 18
MLS PIN settlement approved after overcoming judge's qualms
Judge Patti Saris preliminarily approved the deal after settlement fund restructuring. The case could provide a sneak peek at broader changes pending bombshell commission suit outcomes
by Andrea V. Brambila Sep 14
Anywhere settled. Now RE/MAX. Here's what you see next
Now that Anywhere and RE/MAX have tapped the first dominoes, here's what you think will happen with the bombshell commission lawsuits
by Inman Sep 13
'Insulting at minimum': Realtors strike back as NAR holds the line
Realtors are cancelling memberships, hounding local boards and organizing petition drives days after NAR resisted calls Thursday to censure Bob Goldberg for his handling of misconduct claims
Brokers fear losing commissions, agents if lawsuits succeed: Survey
Real estate professionals are preparing for painful changes and the upending of the status quo if courts rule in favor of plaintiffs in 2 key suits, a survey on commissions conducted by Intel shows
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 30
NAR seeks to suppress DOJ probe from jury as commission trial nears
The National Association of Realtors filed 4 requests in the US District Court in Western Missouri on Thursday involving commission rule changes, government investigations and discrimination
by Andrea V. Brambila Aug 25
'It's well past time': DOJ urges court to overturn NAR commission ruling
The antitrust enforcer argued NAR's pocket listing and commission rules need 'to be assessed on their merits' on whether they cost American homebuyers billions of dollars a year
by Andrea V. Brambila Aug 15
Judge balks at 'unusual' MLS settlement in commission case
Judge Patti Saris, of the US District Court in Massachusetts, said she 'loved' the commission rule changes the deal includes, but didn't think the litigation fund was fair for plaintiffs
The commission suits are headed to trial. What happens after that?
At Inman CEO Connect, Russ Cofano, James Dwiggins and Greg Robertson debated the changes that agents and brokers may see as a result of homeseller lawsuits and government interference
4 ways to improve real estate as bombshell commission suits sizzle
At Inman Connect Las Vegas, real estate broker and attorney Kendall Bonner urged the industry to be proactive instead of waiting to be legally 'bullied' into change
Real estate is having its Blockbuster vs. Netflix moment
At Inman Connect Las Vegas, real estate strategist Mike DelPrete explained the 'unfair advantage' of the low-fee business models and how agents are the ultimate solution
by Marian McPherson Aug 8
The ultimate guide to Inman Connect Las Vegas 2023
So you've decided to join us at Inman Connect Las Vegas. Bravo! Here's a day-by-day breakdown of the conference along with some tidbits to get the most out of your week in Sin City
by Marian McPherson Aug 8
HomeServices appeal dismissed as court eyes October for Sitzer trial
The ruling against HomeServices of America in federal court on Wednesday sets the stage for a likely Oct. 16 start for the first of 2 highly anticipated bombshell commission trials later this year
Chamber of Commerce goes to bat for NAR in face of 'unfair' DOJ probe
In a 'friend of the court' brief, the Chamber said the government should have to keep its promise to not investigate the National Association of Realtors' commission and pocket listing policies
Bright MLS breaks with NAR policy on commissions
Starting Aug. 9, the nation's 2nd-largest MLS will allow listing brokers to offer buyer brokers nothing in compensation, according to an announcement from Bright
by Andrea V. Brambila Jul 20
'Marginal agents' with fewer sales now claim quarter of commissions
Agents with 5 or fewer sales a year took in an estimated 25-30% of all commission income in 3 disparate markets, according to an analysis of MLS data by the Consumer Federation of America
by Andrea V. Brambila Jul 10
5 fundamentals you can't afford to ignore this summer
Those agents who are still consistently working the fundamentals are the ones seeing success, and they'll also be the ones who have clients when we hit Q4
by Carl Medford Jul 8
Judge narrows in on trial date for bombshell commission lawsuit
If the parties don't settle, expect a lengthy trial for the Moehrl homesellers' case against NAR, Anywhere, Keller Williams, RE/MAX and HomeServices of America
by Andrea V. Brambila May 30
Ignition! Brokerage Engine, Payload to speed secure payments
Brokerage Engine will leverage Payload’s flexible set of APIs to automate a range of crucial financial functions, according to an announcement exclusively sent to Inman
by Craig C. Rowe May 30