The Essential Guide to luxury marketing
The luxury real estate market is highly competitive, but agents who harness technology, the media and their own social networks for marketing can make fortunes
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The Essential Guide to real estate teams
Everything you need to know about the growing trend of building a group of real estate pros who all work together
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Investment property with money
Investors are pouring money into vacation homes, multifamily properties, rental technology and everything in between. And that means agents have a golden opportunity
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How the real estate industry is celebrating Pride 2019
From supporting the Equality Act to ban LGBTQIA discrimination, to rainbow-themed marketing and branding, here's what some of the biggest players are doing to celebrate the month-long celebration of rights and advocacy
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The essential guide to Wall Street and real estate
Wall Street and venture capitalists are pouring fortunes into everything from real estate tech companies to single family rentals
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2019 real estate events: the essential guide
All the conferences and gatherings you should have on your radar
The essential guide to iBuyers
What you need to know about this fast-growing category of real estate tech, where it's available and how to use it to grow your own business
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for every type of agent
Whether you're an early adopter, new to the industry or simply have extravagant tastes, we've got you covered
The essential guide to thriving in a turning market
As the housing market's scales begin to tip in favor of the buyer, how can agents ensure continual success?
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Luxury Connect: The biggest news and takeaways
Compass' Robert Reffkin, Halstead's Diane Ramirez and other real estate industry leaders took the stage in Los Angeles at Inman's Luxury Connect
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Security lock cryptocurrency blockchain tech
Simple tips from safety experts and agents on how to minimize risk, prepare for dangers and do the job safely
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Luxury header image
Understand the profile of the next generation of luxury homebuyers and sellers, their needs and wants, and how to cultivate and retain them
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Ice cream header
Who has the best tech, brand, compensation and value proposition?
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HEADER Beach house by Pedro Correa
Learn the ropes of how to help buyers and sellers with their highly coveted destination properties
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Social Media Guide fishing
From mastering video on Instagram to targeted ads on Facebook, social media can be tricky, but our experts have you covered
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