'Online reviews don’t matter': 5 marketing myths debunked
Marketing has become an essential element of the real estate business. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about how to effectively market yourself and your listings. Here's the truth agents need to know
3 key considerations for brokers to make 2022 the best year yet
Anthony Hitt, CEO of Engel & Völkers Americas, explains why investing in listings, evoking a culture of leadership and building reserves are crucial when planning for the new year
by Anthony Hitt Dec 2
Do the holidays have to be happy? The short answer: No
For the past few years, we've been told to look on the bright side. Especially as real estate agents, positivity often comes with the job. But can too much positivity turn toxic?
by Teresa Boardman Dec 2
Be transparent: How to have the commission conversation
The DOJ-NAR probe brings to focus that we should be educating consumers on commission from the get-go. Here's how to approach the conversation
by Gavin Payne Dec 2
Should I cut my commissions? 4 tips to defend your paycheck as a newbie
Most of us have been asked to reduce our commission for one reason or another. Understanding what’s really at stake and what you want the end game to be will help guide you in making the right call
by Anthony West Dec 2
The real reason sellers shop by lowest commission
A homeowner shopping purely on price isn’t convinced that real estate agents are worth the commission. Here's the best approach
by Darryl Davis Dec 2
Clever Real Estate raises $8M in Series B, eyes mortgages
The discount paper brokerage says it reached profitability in the third quarter and is on track to sell more than 6,000 homes this year
What's your top prediction for 2022?
If you can't help but wonder about the future of real estate, we invite you to share your 2022 forecast here!
by Inman Dec 1
Reimagine just-sold cards: 12 strategies for a business boost in 2022
Here, Inman columnist Bernice Ross looks back at 2021, rounding up the best tips, strategies and scripts that you'll need to generate more leads, ramp up your business and hit the ground running in the new year
by Bernice Ross Dec 1
Compass appoints CoreLogic CEO to board of directors
Frank Martell has been with CoreLogic since 2011. As a member of Compass' board, he'll be tasked with helping guide the company forward
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 30
Communication is half the battle: 4 ways to ensure team cohesion
Team cohesion, as much as it mattered before, matters more now. Team members want to be engaged and in the loop. It falls upon management to ensure that happens
by Michael Zaransky Nov 30
3 proven tactics for overcoming the inventory shortage
Just by getting on the phone, you can generate new leads and build your own listing inventory. The business is that simple. The people who have the most conversations and go on the most appointments sell the most houses
by Tom Toole Nov 30
Press reset! How to regenerate your real estate business
Find out how spending some time reaching into the past can help create a more successful future for your business
by Troy Palmquist Nov 29
6 stories readers might have missed while eating Thanksgiving leftovers
Whether you were stuffing your face with pumpkin pie or breaking up a brawl between brothers who aren't on speaking terms, here are the top stories you might have missed this weekend
by Lillian Dickerson Nov 29
Power Buyers: What to know about real estate’s buzziest new buyer tools
The innovation wave has hit the buy-side, with Power Buyers emerging as this year's buzziest business model. Here's everything you need to know to power up your clients' purchasing prowess
by Marian McPherson Nov 29
4 reasons every brokerage needs an iBuyer solution (yes, even after Zillow)
Consumers will continue to increasingly seek different real estate pathways. Zillow, Redfin, Opendoor and other national iBuyers aren’t going away. Why not stake your claim on a piece of the action?