HAR partnership caps RentSpree's busy spring
The second largest MLS in the Lone Star State, HAR has 48K members and a reputation for pursuing innovation in the space. This is RentSpree's third MLS partnership in as many weeks
by Craig C. Rowe May 23
How you think buyers will pay their agents post-settlement: Pulse
You have plenty of ideas about how buyers might be paying for agent services moving forward. Here are the ones you shared with us
by Inman May 22
Is now the time to become a flat-fee or limited-service broker?
With commissions up in the air, is it time for some agents to explore alternative compensation models? Clever's Luke Babich weighs the options for those considering making a move
by Luke Babich May 21
Sidekick's AI to assist Miami agents in latest MLS deal
'Equipping agents with tools to enhance their productivity helps to push the industry forward into the future while creating value for agents at all levels': Sidekick co-founder Michael Martin
by Craig C. Rowe May 20
RentSpree adds REcolorado, second MLS deal in days
CEO and co-founder Michael Lucarelli has been putting his company in front of multiple listing services for several years as a clever expansion tactic, but with practical ambitions
by Craig C. Rowe May 20
Share your expertise: Take the Inman Intel Index survey for May
The Inman Intel Index goes beyond sentiment and trends by tapping into the real estate industry's most engaged community. Add your voice to real estate's most ambitious monthly survey today
by Daniel Houston May 20
At NAR midyear, 'the media' was cast as the villain — repeatedly
NAR's legal team, president and chief economist defended the group's cooperative compensation rule and used journalists as a scapegoat repeatedly during midyear panels earlier this month
by Andrea V. Brambila May 20
How commission changes could lead to transactional transparency
This journey is not without its challenges, broker Bob Mathew writes, but the rewards — enhanced transparency, consumer trust and a more competitive marketplace — are worth the effort
by Bob Mathew May 18
What are you supposed to tell your clients now? The Download
In the face of so much rapid change and an often-frustrating lack of clarity from The Powers That Be, what the heck are you supposed to tell your buyers and sellers now?
by Christy Murdock May 17
What should I tell clients? Question leads to free-for-all at NAR midyear
May 6 remarks from Anthony Lamacchia spurred at least 1 NAR midyear attendee to leave the MLS Forum in protest, others to hurl steering accusations, and NAR's senior counsel to intervene
by Andrea V. Brambila May 16
Here's how you're preparing for upcoming industry changes: Pulse
Last week, we asked what steps you're taking to get ready for settlement approvals and impending rule changes
by Inman May 15
10 answers to the questions confused sellers are asking now
The changing real estate landscape and media misinformation are creating confusion for homesellers. Mega-team leader Carl Medford lays out the facts so you can educate clients
by Carl Medford May 14
Your essential marketing toolkit for a post-NAR settlement landscape
Ready to transform the way you communicate your value to clients? Marketing expert Marci James helps you reshape the relationship through clear communication and exceptional results
by Marci James May 13
NAR attempts to reboot its rep at midyear conference: The Download
The National Association of Realtors membership gathered in the nation's capital to ctrl-alt-del its reputation. Did it work?
by Christy Murdock May 11
NAR board of directors votes to keep membership dues at $156
The trade group had signaled plans to raise dues in 2025, but during a board of directors meeting Thursday at the Realtors Legislative Meetings voted 894-20 to leave them as-is for another year
Judge rejects homebuyer motion to block commission settlements
Plaintiffs in the commission suit known as Batton 1 had requested a temporary restraining order Wednesday to prevent final approval of the Keller Williams, Anywhere and RE/MAX settlements