Thanks, Apple: Real estate apps just got a huge AR boost
Latest iOS operating system means a whole new (augmented) world
by Andrea V. Brambila | Sep 19
Mic drop: MLSs heed broker wishes, announce merger deal
Northern Colorado and Denver-based MLSs ink agreement
by Andrea V. Brambila | Sep 18
Google exec gives MLS leaders a major reality check
'Information has no value,' Jaime Casap tells a room full of listing data gatekeepers
by Andrea V. Brambila | Sep 14
Real estate leaders declare 'the MLS moment' is here
Council of MLSs kicks off annual event saying 'we can make homebuying better'
by Andrea V. Brambila | Sep 14
The NYT gives brokers what they want: free, exclusive leads
'The Gray Lady' ends paid listing program amid turmoil between NYC brokerages and Zillow Group
by Andrea V. Brambila | Sep 12
Forced MLS membership no more? The time for 'choice' is now
A proposed rule change would mean brokers and agents couldn't be charged fees by MLSs they don’t wish to use
by Sam DeBord | Sep 11
Why MLSs should charge more, play nice and merge already
'MLS 2020 Agenda' report compiles challenges and solutions from key stakeholders
by Andrea V. Brambila | Sep 7
'Ethics Adventure' uses interactive story to teach
The mobile game walks users through NAR's Code of Ethics
by Amber Taufen | Sep 5
How C.A.R. is elevating women in leadership
An upcoming report will feature in-depth interviews with women brokers
by Amber Taufen | Aug 23
Weigh in on 'MLS of Choice' while you can
NAR advisory board to draw up policy changes next week
by Andrea V. Brambila | Aug 18
What do brokers want more than MLS mergers? Power
Brokers call for broker-based MLS governance, more transparency from NAR
by Andrea V. Brambila | Aug 18
NAR CEO Bob Goldberg: Disrupters aren't 'the bogeyman'
Change is here -- embrace it, encourage it
by Andrea V. Brambila | Aug 17
NAR pres-elect: This ain't your daddy's association anymore
Elizabeth Mendenhall on collaboration, trust and 'owning' your actions in real estate
by Fabiana Gordon | Aug 15
How Bob Goldberg plans to smash NAR's 'ivory tower facade'
New leader lays out concrete initiatives for change at the NAR Leadership Summit
by Caroline Feeney | Aug 15
SmartMLS goes live in record time
Division between the now-combined MLSs in the state would have 'guaranteed irrelevance'
by Andrea V. Brambila | Aug 4