‘Reducing friction was yesterday’s play,' Alpaca VC general partner Ryan Freedman told Inman in a wide-ranging interview. He stressed the need for a full suite of industry services
by Taylor Anderson Jan 25
The overarching goal of the software is to put control of housing data back into the hands of the people who actually own it
by Craig C. Rowe Jan 20
The campaign dubbed 'This is a Door' pays tribute to the unexpected possibilities that go along with turning a new chapter in life, such as weddings, having babies and adopting new pets
by Ben Verde Jan 19
Build powerful relationships at Inman Connect New York with power networking advice
by Laura Monroe Jan 19
This is an ideal solution for marketing teams tasked with cranking out original copy day after day, the creatively drained agent and the tech-savvy team that wants to further automate business tasks they find tedious
by Craig C. Rowe Jan 13
RentRedi is a six-year-old software company with hundreds of thousands of units under management totaling close to $10 billion in value
by Craig C. Rowe Jan 6
There are countless vendors and apps that do it for you, quickly and affordably, without an oddly distracting robot talking to your audience about well-lit kitchens and ample storage space
by Craig C. Rowe Dec 23
From what's happening now to what might happen next year, GreenStats' agent-developed perfomance indicators bridge the gap between back-office financial management and agent performance coaching
by Craig C. Rowe Dec 16
Yes, discounts are good, but that doesn't do anything in terms of making Relocator a better alternative for agents to offer moving services
by Craig C. Rowe Dec 8
One-time Inman New Kid on the Block, Zoodealio's updates adjust to new purchasing models created by the mortgage-hybrids, and introduce another way to sell: Cash+
by Craig C. Rowe Dec 2
Weeks after it reported losing nearly $1B in Q3, leading iBuying company shook things up as founder Eric Wu was replaced as CEO by CFO Carrie Wheeler, and the president has resigned
by Taylor Anderson Dec 1
These sorts of solutions are what the painfully overused word 'disrupt' should be reserved for, because they fundamentally change for the better how the industry carries out its business
by Craig C. Rowe Nov 28
1060 is gaining momentum here by partnering with a number of reality show types and big city top producers. It's a proven strategy, and the best way to capture buyers, sellers and general fans of real estate
by Craig C. Rowe Nov 11
A Better.com employee filed suit in New York alleging the online mortgage company fired him less than an hour after he told them his daughter was born. 17 others may have also been on leave
by Taylor Anderson Nov 9
Using existing MLS, public data and when needed, user input, Nester generates a series of colorful, cogent cost reports that detail what it takes to manage a house from years 1-5, 6-10 and beyond
by Craig C. Rowe Oct 28
ListedKit is rooted in transparency, something its functionality exhibits in every feature. You can't not know what's next, when its due, and who needs to do it
by Craig C. Rowe Oct 21