Demand is up 25% despite uptick in occupancy levels, investors earning more revenue, adding more supply. 'As of mid-May 2022, ADRs are pacing 7.9% higher for the summer than last year'
by Taylor Anderson Today 2:17 P.M.
The report found that three-quarters of counties where median home prices exceeded $250,000 saw declines in rental yields
by Ben Verde May 20
During the latest release of six rental properties, high demand from investors caused problems. But homes valued at more than $1.7 million sold in minutes
by Taylor Anderson May 20
As rising interest rates curb mortgage refinancings, Lower will also target homebuyers through a strategic partnership with iBuyer powerhouse Opendoor
by Matt Carter May 20
The company has worked with legal professionals, agents and done the research to become a valuable partner to the industry on what could very well become the best new way to own property
by Craig C. Rowe May 20
A week after announcing Realogy's rebrand as Anywhere, CEO Ryan Schneider shared his plan for beating Zillow at direct-to-consumer business on Thursday at Inman Connect Now
by Marian McPherson May 19
Company is hiring staffers in China for a ‘revolutionary’ real estate venture focused on improving the search for long-term rentals. Few other details are known
by Taylor Anderson May 19
The pandemic-era home market has been marked by frenzied competition among buyers. But one arena in particular has been hardest-fought
by Daniel Houston May 18
Listing agents using Zillow 3D Home tours no longer have to manually add their tours to Redfin. This is the second partnership between the 2 real estate search portal rivals since 2019
by Marian McPherson May 18
Just 60.7% of home offers crafted by Redfin agents encountered competition in April — the lowest level since March 2021
by Ben Verde May 18
After piloting cash-offer product in Texas and Colorado, company plans to offer Buy With Orchard in all of its markets in the months ahead
by Matt Carter May 17
Ongoing inventory shortage and high home sale prices drive record increases of monthly rents for single-family homes, with red-hot Miami leading the pack at 41% climb, CoreLogic says
by Taylor Anderson May 17
Spaces, a clever, easy-to-use room management interface, allows users to set up a layout of custom-labeled room cards, each includes a nice summary of the space, an easily identifiable picture and the ability to click into more details
by Craig C. Rowe May 16
Ability to retrieve quotes helps borrowers assess their options and streamlines the mortgage insurance process for lenders
by Matt Carter May 15
The Biden administration is considering forgiving student loan debt, which could mean more money in the pockets of millions of would-be homebuyers. But it's still a tough market.
by Jim Dalrymple II May 13
Abrupt policy shift not expected, but Fed chair confirms that, 'If things come in better than we expect, then we’re prepared to do less'
by Matt Carter May 13