The Department of Housing and Urban Development complaint alleges that parties refused to rent a home to a Native American and Mexican American family
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The week's top real estate industry stories and practical advice to use this weekend
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Real estate agent Hannah Tai uses her pastry chef skills to create unforgettable closing gifts for every client
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Agents who pay attention to detail, understand their markets and know the MLS are far more successful
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The 17th market for the NYC-based brokerage, following days after its Pac Northwest expansion
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Agents see a shift, but it's not a buyer's market quite yet
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A key technique to thrive in both life and business
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Your buyers need to be comfortable enough to commit to working with you exclusively, and they need to understand how the process works
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Four months after Town Residential shuttered and Gold and his team were left adrift, the reality star agent's new job at Corcoran has taken him across Europe
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Two real estate professionals share the keys to becoming a valuable part of your client's long-term financial plans
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Cohen's condo was first to close in 111 Murray St. skyscraper
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Never let a lack of funding make your decision for you, know your value and what your time is worth
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The deal is part of an effort to provide agent recruitment services to real estate brokerages in the US and Canada
by Veronika Bondarenko | Aug 14