How to win the multifamily lease-up challenge as a property manager
Multifamily expert and brand-new Inman contributor Andy Larson offers insights and strategies for the all-important lease-up period
by Andy Larson Nov 27
Focus on fundamentals: Clients, communication, compliance
According to compliance expert Summer Goralik, it's time to ask important questions, adopt new business protocols and engage in different types of conversations or scripts with clients
by Summer Goralik Nov 27
Take 5 minutes, make this change to your Google Business Profile
Marketing director Kate Hulbert shares this quick and simple update to make your social media and digital marketing more effective and targeted
by Kate Hulbert Nov 27
NAR put on a brave face at NXT, but accountability is on the way
More must be done to keep agents from paying for the National Association of Realtors' mistakes, NAR Accountability Project founder Jason Haber writes upon the conclusion of recent NAR NXT
by Jason Haber Nov 27
Signs of a buyer's market emerge as homeseller concessions return
More than a third of all home sales featured a concession in the past 3 months, according to new data and agents who told Inman that they're beginning to see signs of a buyer's market unfold
by Ben Verde Nov 27
How do you define a luxury brokerage brand?
Whether you want to move to a higher level of service or you’re thinking about a brokerage switch, eXp’s Troy Palmquist offers advice for putting that luxury polish on your brand
by Troy Palmquist Nov 27
14 ways to beat the stress this holiday season and through 2024
Personal and professional upheaval is taking its toll on members of the industry. Trainer Bernice Ross shares strategies to help you get a handle on stress as you move into the new year
by Bernice Ross Nov 27
Why should I talk about personal stuff on Instagram?
This week, Sue 'Pinky' Benson explains why you should be posting about personal stuff on Instagram and how it benefits your audience, and ultimately, your business
by Sue Benson Nov 27
Need a break from hustle culture? Cuddle up to plush prospecting
Burned out and bummed out is no way to start the new year. Try these plush gentle prospecting techniques from Rachael Hite to shift out of the grind and find some peace of mind
by Rachael Hite Nov 25
10 amazing Black Friday deals for agents in search of an edge in 2024
From Inman Connect New York tickets to personalized training from Ryan Serhant himself, these are the best all-around Black Friday deals for agents looking to thrive in spite of the headwinds
by Lillian Dickerson Nov 24
Legal maneuvers are top of mind in this week's Inman Top 5
Looking for a quick catch-up on the buzziest stories of the week? Here’s Inman Top 5, the most essential stories, according to Inman readers
by Christy Murdock Nov 24
6 side hustles to help you attack the end of year income gap
This isn’t mission impossible. It's mission we got to slay to play in 2024. Here are 6 part-time jobs to work your way out of a slump and pump up your SOI
by Rachael Hite Nov 24
A proactive approach to the market effects of the latest legal wrangles
The future of real estate depends on the actions we take today in the wake of Sitzer | Burnett. Coach Darryl Davis offers advice for brokers on taking a proactive approach to what comes next
by Darryl Davis Nov 24
Biggest mortgage rate drop since pandemic sparks agent optimism
A big drop in mortgage rates has resulted in holiday rejoicing for agents and hopeful buyers. Make sure you're ready to work with them
by Christy Murdock Nov 23
Homebuyers demand school data. Portals are grappling with the risks
Home-listing portals all rely on the same source for school ratings, which are treated as essential by many homebuyers. If used improperly, critics fear the data could lead to Fair Housing violations
by Marian McPherson Nov 22
Like a boyfriend, the perfect lender is experienced, well-funded: Triple-I
Neither brand recognition nor the promise of lower rates were as valuable to agents as a mortgage lender's ability to reliably obtain funding, according to results from the latest Inman Intel Index
by Matt Carter Nov 22