Want to avoid homebuyer remorse? Be cautious in Wyoming and DC
A recent survey by LawnStarter ranked the homebuyer happiness index in each state and found the lowest satisfaction levels in Wyoming and District of Columbia
by Lillian Dickerson | Today 9:45 A.M.
Smart-home tech for agents: Moen goes with the Flo
Moen debuts a new line of smart bathroom and kitchen appliances
by Brandon Doyle | Today 2:21 A.M.
Dollars and Sense: Why you need a financial adviser
Don’t FSBO your financial future, seek professional help
by Jay Thompson | Today 1:10 A.M.
The Homebuyer Files: 6 owners on the highs and lows of buying a home
Buyers share the ups and downs of financing the homes of their dreams — from navigating tax drama and securing 2 loans at once to relying on iBuyers to beat the competition
by Marian McPherson | Today 1:00 A.M.
Pulse: What’s your biggest challenge with financing?
Whether it's qualifying buyers, lending requirements, emerging financing models, client confusion or something entirely different, please share your experiences in this one-question survey
by Inman | Today 12:49 A.M.
How to avoid overpricing properties in a shifting market
If your market has begun to slow, understanding how to properly price homes in a declining market — and how to talk about it with clients — is critical
by Bernice Ross | Today 12:16 A.M.
Agent switcheroo sees Compass, Sotheby's swapping notable teams
Atlanta agent Jere Metcalf is returning to Sotheby's after leaving for Compass in 2018. Meanwhile, Washington, D.C., agent Marc Fleisher is leaving Sotheby's for Compass
by Jim Dalrymple II | Feb 18
NextHome named top US real estate franchise
NextHome snagged first place from Keller Williams, which didn't make the cut in this year's annual Franchise Business Review list
by Lillian Dickerson | Feb 18
How to legally and ethically evict a bad tenant
Although the solution to dealing with a bad tenant might seem clear, evicting one is often a complicated process of last resort
by Veronika Bondarenko | Feb 18
Here's a 7-step guide to resolving conflicts
Getting all the facts before taking a stand leads to quicker, cleaner resolutions
by Matthew Szalecki | Feb 18
Pulse: How readers are handling iBuyers in listing presentations
Some come armed with iBuyer bids they present, and others paint such offers as invariably inferior
by Inman | Feb 18
Agent/broker perspective: Why should a top agent hire an assistant?
Sometimes, tech can't help you do it all
by Anthony Askowitz | Feb 18
8 things mortgage lenders do that frustrate agents
The most annoying behavior is creating more work for agents without creating a mutually beneficial relationship
by Cara Ameer | Feb 18