The story behind 'Cards Against Real Estate'
What are those black-and-white cards floating all over Facebook about?
by Marian McPherson | 8 hours
A luxury consumer brand takes flight
The founder and CEO of the high-end company talks about how to create desire among exclusive customers
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Zillow Group: Buyer's agent ads coming to StreetEasy
StreetEasy says the move should benefit consumers, but some brokers reportedly aren't pleased
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Should agents discount if a seller finds the buyer?
Tactics for dealing with a common request from sellers
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Fast-growing, 18-state brokerage: No office, 100% splits
100 percent commission brokerages can be little more than license warehouses. This is not the model Fathom Realty is going for.
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3 important factors to weigh when selling land
Square footage is No. 1, followed by soil conditions and comparables
by Paul Krebes | 15 hours
Why hard work beats money spent in real estate
In this episode, a successful agent sheds light on her financial strategies, hiring approach and biggest mistakes
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What it takes to get your housing co-op offer accepted
An agent must assemble a thorough financial package, submit buyer profiles and negotiate
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Real estate agent accused of having sex in homes for sale
The agent's license was suspended for 10 days and he faces a fine
by Marian McPherson | 1 day
Data whiz kids who don't want to disrupt you
Three different tech company executives talk about how they're trying to uplift the industry
by Inman | 1 day
New data model: Rift between availability, affordability
The model suggests that homebuyers at many income levels will be restricted by low inventory in their price ranges
by Gill South | 1 day
4 listing presentation questions you should always expect
An excellent sales pitch can be derailed by unexpected inquiries
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How to respond when clients demand to know your politics
If you're prepared to make it work despite a potential divide, stay neutral and find common ground
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7 reasons not to 'carry' the house
Juggling 2 mortgages is rarely a picnic
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5 tips for showing homes in the winter
The weather is frightful, but in real estate, it's just another Thursday
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