12 steps for thriving through a market shift
What can real estate agents do to grow their businesses? Here is Jimmy Burgess' 12-step plan for thriving through a market transition
by Jimmy Burgess Sep 16
Who is your client? 4 personality types to watch for
Is your client a lion, otter, golden retriever or beaver? Here is a quick and easy way to identify which personality your prospective client has so you can adapt your presentation style to win the day
by Carl Medford Sep 16
Naming your team? Here's why it's crucial to get it right the first time
Finding the perfect name for your real estate team or brokerage is essential to success — and it's become an especially important topic of discussion after yet another state law recently passed that impacts team names and branding
by Troy Palmquist Sep 16
How to become the team that attracts top talent
You must be able to lead yourself first before anyone else will follow you, including current team members and future agents and employees
by Adam Hergenrother Sep 16
10 tips that can save your business' online reputation
What can you do to protect your real estate business? Here are 10 tips for protecting your online reputation on social media
by Jay Thompson Sep 15
Pulse: What's the worst marketing advice you've ever received?
Ever been steered in the wrong direction? This week, we're encouraging you to share the most useless, misguided and downright terrible marketing tips you've ever received
by Inman Sep 14
Real estate disruptors get serious about mortgage — and vice versa: Mike DelPrete
Real estate tech companies are going after mortgage, but now mortgage is going after real estate
by Mike DelPrete Sep 14
Hit replay! 6 marketers who are building communities and their brands
Here's the top advice from past Inman Connect experts on becoming the local expert through caring, community marketing and crafting creative content
by Inman Sep 14
Pulse: Readers share their favorite real estate marketing campaigns
This week, our readers chime in with their favorite marketing videos and efforts. Have an example of your own? It's not too late — we're encouraging you to continue the conversation in our comments section
by Inman Sep 14
Constellation1 launches accounting, commission management solution
Brokers can use the new system in conjunction with all variations of commission splits and payout arrangements, eliminating accounting workarounds due to software limitations
by Craig C. Rowe Sep 13
Your script just flopped. Here's what you probably did wrong
Do you know what makes your scripts winners? Bernice Ross dissects which scripts are pure gold and which will be epic fails — plus best practices for any script
by Bernice Ross Sep 10
The Real Word: Do Americans want to live farther from neighbors?
This week, Bryon and Nicole discuss new trends like fence renovations, shifts in home preferences and agents like Ryan Serhant building their brand in the real estate industry.
by Byron Lazine Sep 10
10 smart closing gift ideas that clients will never forget
Give gifts that will help you stay top-of-mind for your clients, and you'll go from being a one-time agent to a lifetime agent
by Jimmy Burgess Sep 9
These are the top LGBTQ real estate agents in North America
The LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance has unveiled its first-ever 'Top Producers list,' which ranks agents and teams by sides and sales volume
by Jim Dalrymple II Sep 9
Bowling alleys? Glam rooms? 6 luxury amenities buyers want now
From state-of-the-art gyms to custom salons and high-end sports courts, today’s luxury buyers are seeking more than just the finest fixtures and finishes — they want a resort-style destination to escape to
by James Harris AND David Parnes Sep 9
Replacing yourself? 6 qualities to look for in a team CEO
When finding someone to takeover as team leader, the search might take a while — the stakes are higher. Here are the traits a worthy candidate should have