The Real Word: Tom Ferry's top tips for 2022
This week, Bryon Lazine and Nicole White discuss key takeaways from the 2021 Tom Ferry Success Summit, Opendoor's $9 billion debt war chest and the perks of being a one-stop shop brokerage
by Byron Lazine Oct 19
Lesson Learned: It’s not about you
Find out how former San Francisco Giant and Florida Compass agent Angel Nicolas learned to put his focus where it belongs — on his clients
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EXp Realty snags a powerhouse team from Edina Realty
The Tyler Miller Team is based in Minnesota and is the latest of numerous teams to make the jump to the upstart brokerage
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11 irrefutable laws of success in real estate
Here are the absolute truths when it comes to having a lasting and successful career. If you follow these rules, explosive business growth is just around the corner
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Are you Googleable? 5 simple steps to upgrade your online presence
Here are a few tips to help ensure that when your ideal clients search for a real estate agent, they'll find and get to know, like and trust you
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3 secrets for perfecting your personal brand
Agents need to embrace personal branding and control their online presence now more than ever
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The motivation myth: What agents need to know
Here are a few other myths you should be aware of so you don't spin your wheels endlessly
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10 time-management rules elite real estate teams swear by
Elite real estate pros consistently integrate these effective time-management hacks into their daily lives
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5 ways to hype your listing before it hits the market
Here are a handful of coming-soon marketing tactics that’ll get a little buzz going for your listing before it hits the market
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Readers tell us about their longest luxury deals ever: Pulse
What's the longest time one of your luxury listings lingered on the market? What caused the listing to get stale, and how did you fix the situation? Here's what readers had to say
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Tech will never replace agents. Here's why
Real estate agents do things that only a human mind, human touch, understanding and empathy can achieve
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How to brand yourself as the go-to local agent on Instagram
Here are 3 Instagram strategies you can implement right way to start grabbing local prospects' attention online and generating leads
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Blimp drives deal communication, compensates for data: Tech review
Imagine if Facebook compensated users for every like, image post or ad campaign they started. That's the idea behind Blimp's approach to bettering the industry
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7 ways to wow past clients and build lifelong relationships
If you go deeper in your past client relationships, they will take your business wider
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6 reasons NAR's commission rules work
Anthony Lamacchia doesn’t see the agent commission 'reckoning' as better for consumers as many are painting it. NAR is doing its job for consumers and Realtors. Here’s why
7 mistakes top producers don't let derail their success
Do what the top producers do and avoid the mistakes that can keep you from becoming the best agent you can possibly be
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