Why should I put money into real estate?

Realty investment book reveals what you need to know to succeed

If you are thinking of beginning your new year by investing in real estate, first read William H. Pivar's "Real Estate Investing From A to Z, Third Edition." It is not a get-rich-quick book. Instead, it is a get rich soundly in real estate by understanding the investment basics book. Pivar begins by explaining the primary reasons for investing in real estate and why property is usually far superior to alternative investments, such as the stock market. He is a big believer in using leverage (i.e. borrowing money) to control property, which is likely to appreciate in market value. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. "If you purchase real estate on which you owe $2 million and hold on to it for 15 years, you should be a millionaire. With only an average 3 percent inflation rate, within 15 years your equity for average purchases should give you your million-dollar equity," the author explains. Then the author proceeds to show why a small 10 percent cash down payment is more profitabl...