Should old home inspection reports be disclosed?

If you want to avoid potential litigation, the answer is yes

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Dear Barry, Since buying our home, we've learned that another buyer nearly bought it about six months ago. That person hired a home inspector, and copies of the report were given to the sellers and their agent. But nothing was mentioned about the report when we bought the property, and we want to know if they were required to disclose the information in that report. –Betty Dear Betty, Disclosure issues can be simple or complicated, straightforward or convoluted, depending on the views and practices of those involved in the transaction of real estate. A process that should require little explanation is somehow plagued with entanglements and uncertainties. There seem to be no limits to the variant questions arising from divergent disclosure practices. Yet, at the root of all disclosure controversies, there is one common underlying question: How can a person know what to disclose and what not to disclose? Fortunately, the answer is plain and simple: Disclose all that you know, ...